*NEW* Spoons CARD GAME in Fortnite Battle Royale - finalbosscardgame.com

*NEW* Spoons CARD GAME in Fortnite Battle Royale

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We play SPOONS Card game in Fortnite

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  1. He finally said the like button tuns gray! :0 and mine turned gray! 😀

  2. Ssundee: creates combo
    Also ssundee: doesnt use combo

  3. ein: boys i got a new combo
    also ein: doesn't even use the airstrikes

  4. Who heard Biffle on the second round say Sotayyyy quitelyv and russle auto tuned it

  5. Everytime Ssundee won I was like go for the middle

  6. I don’t no wy, but i allways love it when Ssundee says they Will die to death

  7. If sigles was in this he would do ANYTHING to get that jet pack

  8. Fun fact: if you say fun fact people will read your whole comment.

  9. OP Combo – Explosive Helicopter:

    Air Strike
    Boom Bow
    Rocket Launcher X2 or Hunting Rifle and Slurpfish

  10. Cause I need to pair so I need pair so I can get to stomping on my Air Force ones

  11. Finally ssundee says something accurate to yoirube like button. it turns grey…….. EEHHHHHHHH

  12. When I saw ssundee getting the air strikes I said "that is evil!"

  13. Ssundee predicted the like button changing colour?

  14. If I know how this works why is he explaining this to me

  15. Didn't think SSundee would bring up Nelly in a video🤣

  16. Me sundew is so good I saw one video and never stoped watching him

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