New York Giants vs. Minnesota Vikings | 2022 Super Wild Card Weekend Game Highlights -

New York Giants vs. Minnesota Vikings | 2022 Super Wild Card Weekend Game Highlights

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  1. Vikings really should of had won that , our defence pinned us down so much

  2. Any Giants fans rewatching this after the season ended 🥹

  3. Im a vikings fan and i was literally hoping and praying they would overtie lol

  4. We did it, after almost 4 YEARS, we beat the vikings, it's giant'n time my fellow giants.

  5. I was at this game, I watch these highlights to remind me how happy I was that day 😭😭love you Giants

  6. Still don't get the Daniel Jones hate. Dude didn't have a team until this last season.

  7. This was a great game between 2 evenly matched teams.
    The league needs to revisit Roughing The Passer. It's getting ridiculous. Like someone said, D-linemen have to practically place pillows underneath them.

  8. They should just combine the Cowboys and the Vikings into one NFL team.

  9. Maybe he should have got the vax. Could have thrown the ball a bit better if he got it

  10. The Vikings were who we thought they were……

  11. Watching it again 2 months later. Giants paid Jones and I'm wondering how next season will go for them. If he plays like he played in Minnesota that night, they will be contenders for the championship game if not the superbowl. We'll see…

  12. that rouging the passer call on D-Law was the most BS call I've ever seen while watching a game live…

  13. In reality, that last play from the Vikings is irritating because it's unacceptable, and I'm a Packer fan. You don't throw a checkdown on 4th and 8, that's the equivalent of saying "I give up". And that's the Vikings' legacy to this point

  14. What kind of play call is that to throw a check down on 4th and 8 with the season on the line? Vikings never deserved to win that game

  15. If the Giants could take Slaytons shiftiness and speed and combine it with Hodgens hands, route running and toughness and morph them into one player they’d have a true number 1 reciever.

  16. Damn these comments are so wholesome but on a side note I’m sad that we let Julian love go🥲

  17. Vikings aren’t frauds, rewatching this game really shows you the giants are a good team and the Vikings

  18. Remember when everyone wanted to give up on Daniel Jones

  19. lol he thew it behind the first down yard marker with the game on the line. what an idiot.

  20. Daniel Jones
    C/ATT 24/35
    301 passing yards
    2 passing touchdowns
    27.8 Fantasy Points!

  21. Isaiah Hodgins
    9 targets
    8 receptions
    105 receiving yards
    1 receiving touchdown
    16.5 Fantasy Points!

  22. tough for the vikes BUT NOT FOR THE GIANTS

  23. The Giants offense will even better this season, they have vastly improved this roster in 15 months

  24. I hope Giants can get a Hockenson type eventually I like Waller for now and like Bellinger for the future but a Hockenson and Bellinger combo would be awesome

  25. LOTS of 2023 promise. Just sign 26 and make my dreams complete.

  26. The Vikings defense made Daniel jones look like the Patrick mahomes of the nfc

  27. my favorite part of this game was the first Giants drive. What a response! Their defense just took it on the chin on the opening drive of the game what seemed like 12 plays 7 minutes ending in a TD. And the offense still came out FIRING. You almost never see that from any offense, never mind the Giants offense. They'll be flat or feel pressure being down 7 right off the bat. The crowd is loud and into it. But wow, they just came right out and scored emphatically. Message sent and tone set. And the giants defense responded too.

  28. 3:00 how in gods name was that not a false start on Thomas 😂

  29. Hodgins is the Giants most underrated WR glad to have him again in the 2023 season He is gonna breakout

  30. That 4th quarter penalty against Dexter Lawrence was some bs. I mean come on. He made contact before Cousins tried to get rid of the ball, and it wasnt like he drove him into the turf. He gave him a little hip toss and that's at 15 yard penalty. Pfft… a joke

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