New York Giants vs. Minnesota Vikings | 2022 Super Wild Card Weekend Game Highlights -

New York Giants vs. Minnesota Vikings | 2022 Super Wild Card Weekend Game Highlights

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  1. I didn't know Kermit the frog was calling games now. Lol

  2. Minnesota came back from more points then the giants scored all year..

  3. The vikings were not as good as their record indicated. And it showed in this game. You can only be lucky for so long

  4. I miss the Ickey shuffle . Funny what pops in our head eh

  5. The Vikings have a long history of being a 'choke' team… why change now?

  6. Vikings fans do not deserve this. No superbowl wins. Giants last two were from weak teams that shouldn't have made it. As usual the football gods want a win for a major market team.

  7. Both of the teams are a joke they can't beat a high school team !!

  8. The Vikings stink so bad…the Giants are playing like we expected and losing 21-0 in the first half…

  9. Guess they want to blame it on the Quarterback again … They should fire all defensive personal and players


  11. My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all the morning clouds up my window and I can't see at all and even if I could it'll all be gray put your picture on my wall it reminds me it's not so bad it's nots so bad

  12. First post game win since Super Bowl with Eli 😅wow

  13. I can't help but hear dude say "THE FU**INGS GET HOME WITH A BLITZ…" around 8:08 😶

  14. how the hell did vikings defense manage to make danny dimes look like a HOF!! smdh after the eagles game!!

  15. Fun fact: both teams lost to the Eagles on the exact same day, 5 years apart to the day. 38-7 baby 😎

  16. Жаль Миннесоту мощно они сезон этот провели…а их комбэк против кольтов запомниться надолго!))

  17. Roughing the passer? It's called a tackle, biased reff

  18. Kupp is the best WR in the league. The fact that people even thought that JJ was even close xD

  19. Looks like the Eagles stole all of that house money the giants were playing with$$$

  20. Offensive line for the Vikings wasn't healthy

  21. I still can’t believe we lost this game…

  22. Tough loss for the Vikes. but better than losing the Superbowl for a fifth time.

  23. I’m gonna be honest: I don’t ever cry for joy, but when the Vikings turned the ball over on downs, I almost did thinking of all those long suffering Giants fans.

    The end of a playoff win drought is one thing… But when it’s a team that is projected in the preseason to be one of the worst teams in football? That‘s a whole ‘nother thing.

    Like I said, I don’t ever cry for joy, but I thought I was going to.

  24. That last call roughing the quarterback was pretty iffy.

  25. This game was fun to watch. It's a shame that they lost by a lot to the Eagles.

  26. Wow that pass interference play was some bullshit idk and this is coming from a eagles fan wow

  27. The Vikings should probably work on their pass rush this offseason. They really couldn’t stop the run.

  28. Been saying the Vikings were frauds, makes sense they were a first round exit

  29. don't matter if the Vikings made it to the SB they would have lost again

  30. I'm an Eagles fan and I think Daniel Bellinger. Is going to be a beast. The next Jeremy Shockey.

  31. On 3rd and 1 why would you throw a pass back to kirk cousins? You don't trust cook to get a 1st ? If I'm cook trade me please.

  32. I'm just happy that finally we might have a good D next year with the hiring of B flo

  33. Great game G-men. Defense is a bit of a mess but we're getting there.

  34. I really wanna know what Sa said to Dalvin after he carried him 6 steps to paydirt.

  35. why was the vikings going out 1st round predicable

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