NFL Wild Card Betting Guide: EXPERT Picks for EVERY Game | CBS Sports HQ -

NFL Wild Card Betting Guide: EXPERT Picks for EVERY Game | CBS Sports HQ

CBS Sports HQ
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Brady Quinn and Pete Prisco join CBS Sports HQ to preview + pick EVERY Wild Card weekend game.

0:00-5:26 Seahawks at 49ers
5:27-10:11 Chargers at Jaguars
10:12-13:33 Dolphins at Bills
13:34-16:24 Giants at Vikings
16:25-21:08 Ravens at Bengals
21:09-25:20 Cowboys at Buccaneers


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  1. Experts 🤣At what exactly? Losing people money or barely breaking even over a season.

  2. Of course, Pete is incorrect. Danny White won at Atlanta in the 1981 playoffs coming back from a 27 – 10 deficit 30 – 27. Troy Aikman won a playoff game at San Francisco 30 – 20 for Dallas and clinching his first Super Bowl appearance. While it has been a while, it is NOT as far back as Roger Staubach.

  3. Been waiting for this!! Brady and Pete are the best combo around!! The banter and friendly disses are the awesome. Keep this going for at least the next 5 years guys! God bless, and thanks so much for the time stamps 🙏✝

  4. I got like 12 names down who picked the giants ima clown YALL after the vikes win they do realize the vikes didn’t even play there best either.. and the vikes offense will light up this defense if they play fast rt and ig they don’t believe in clutch teams and the 8 comebacks from Kirk 😂😂💜💛🔥💯

  5. Pete Prisco has the worst record in entire YouTube podcasts and yet, he talks w the most confident in his picks 😂

  6. pete is a clown.. hard to watch.. do better cbs

  7. I disagree on the over on the Seahawks/Niners game. It's going to be raining and each team knows each other, so the under is the better bet 🔒

  8. NFL is rigged to let the Buffalo bills win super bowl.whichever guy has Buffalo bills winning every game wins.they love sad stories and turning them to happy fairy tales.

  9. I’d be surprised af if the Niners make it past the second round

  10. My picks
    San Francisco
    Tampa Bay

  11. Cannot take Dallas to win. Dak will throw a late pick and Brady to Evans for a last min TD seals their fate. TB 24-21.

  12. Don't play Lamar get healthy for next season. You don't to further injured yourself.

  13. Two squares arguing over who sucks more! Priceless 😁

  14. Which team most likely covers the spread?

  15. Brady gives Cowboys an ass kickin on live nation wide Monday night football 🏈 31 Bucs / 20 Cowboys final😊

  16. All the nfc home teams will loose wild card weekend

  17. Am I wrong for thinking giants Vikings and the under is a lock ? Atleast that portion of the game

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