Nintendo Switch OLED: How to Insert Game Card -

Nintendo Switch OLED: How to Insert Game Card

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I show you how to insert a game card (game cartridge) in a Nintendo Switch OLED. Most of you are probably watching this because you could not figure out how to open the game card door. Hope this helps.

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  1. As a long time Playstation guy I finally caved and bought a Switch Oled a few days ago. Seeing it for the 1st time the Switch looks alien to me, Im use to big bulky consoles so this is a bit different. I've looked at some pics and read some instructions and got it all set up. But I couldnt get the game slot open (Cant wait to play Super Mario Bros Wonder). I was worried I would break the chip slot until I came across you're helpful little video so thanks for posting this.

  2. *Me, having cut my finger nails*

  3. Now in christmas i will get nintendo switch and put the game 😊

  4. Thanks for the video
    My mum has trimmed my nails all the way back so it's hard now to even open the switch oled card slot and I now have my screen
    scratched as a result 😥 because I was moving it in the dock whilst trying to open the slot for the games .
    Mum reckons these nails are nice well I don't ! I can't even play my Nintendo switch that well now .
    For reference these nails are called Gel Nails and I don't like them so far .

  5. So glad I stopped myself and looked this up, thank you…about broke my shit 😂😂😂

  6. i cant open it , that game card , i try use screwdriver

  7. I'm thinking this was to "Keep your gamecards safer" but really it's just putting your gamecard in is a mini-boss.

  8. Thanks for that video! Such a ridiculously intricate design for a feature thats going to be used and abused by kids!

  9. Still can’t get the f’n pos open

  10. R I P to anyone's brain that needed to watch a tutorial of this you should NEVER operate something else other than a TV REMOTE

  11. I wonder why nintendo removed the little dip that allowed you to open it easily

  12. I don’t have a switch pled but is it really that hard to open the door for the cartridge

  13. How to insert one in the swich lite one??😊

  14. People don’t know how to insert game cards?!

  15. Du bist der beste ohne dich hätte ich meine switch zurück geschickt ❤❤

  16. no joke, the card insert designer must go in jail !

  17. I swear if no one knows how to ima get mad

  18. How do you play multiple games? Do you have to take cartridges out?

  19. Just got OLED switch today. Why the hell did Nintendo do this design? They should have kept it the same from OG switch

  20. I feel old😔 thank you for the video🥲

  21. Ah, so my problem is i dont have long fingernails.

  22. Hmm i checked other oled vids and there's no lifting it up from the back first like in this video🫤 Just lifting it from the front like normal🫤

  23. i watch this so i know how they put the game. btw i also watching this to dream of getting it. in 3 years i tell you i got it or not😊

  24. I know I know. I can do it with my thumb.

  25. the most fucking bad form of doing it i scratched it its more easy if you open it like a normal switch

  26. This is a piss poor design. Wow. Thank you

  27. ps5 and xbox series X: I purchased the disc.. ok starting to install the game

    switch: I bought the cartridge… just put it in and play

  28. Can you turn a physical game, digital? Or is there a way to share the same game in two consoles that are owned by the same account?

  29. This is an absolute nightmare for someone with no nails.

  30. If I insert a game do I need WiFi to play it or no…?

  31. Yeah this is such a pain. The first switch had a notch

  32. Everyone: cheering for the guy who taught them how to insert a game card to the switch

    Me: m i n e c r a f t

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