No Limit Hold'em CASH GAME | Episode 1 - Triton Poker London 2023 -

No Limit Hold’em CASH GAME | Episode 1 – Triton Poker London 2023

Triton Poker
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🔱 1st episode (3 total) of the Triton Poker Series London 2023 Cash Game featuring: Andrew Robl, Elton Tsang, Wiktor “Limitless” Malinowski, Daniel “Jungleman” Cates, Danny Tang & Tan Xuan.

Format: No-Limit Hold ‘Em
Blind Level $ 1,000 / 1,000 / 2,000
Buy-in: $300,000

🎤 Commentator: Randy “Nanonoko” Lew

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  1. Running it twice is Anti Poker, there is only one winner in a hand. If you know everyone will run it twice it makes it so much easier to get it in

  2. As much as I enjoy Lex as a commentator, this guy is better. He knows when to talk, and more importantly when not to. A+

  3. Thank you so much Triton for the subtitles! Totally enhances the experience!

  4. Tan Xuan's always graceful in defeat. He's down a whole lot from previous episodes too. Gotta feel bad for the guy.

  5. Now I know how to say all in in Chinese. And I’m gonna use it!

    Su ha!

  6. Че за пиханина тут творится??

  7. Always nice to see Limitless in the game! More video with Wiktor, plz

  8. Triton never dispoints. Love from India🇮🇳

  9. what a terrible open w 86o by robl, (and even worse defend) vs an agressive rec, limitless & jungleman behind at 5:00

  10. 3:39 Tan Xuan, himself, showed his hand even though he got a walk and you hear “yea, you have to show for the Squid…” … not 36mins later, at 39:30, Tan gets upset bc the “must show” rule is in play. Whatever China’s version of the Oscar is called… Tan needs one of those.

  11. thanks for translation you guy are the best!!


  13. Great lineup, amazing hands and finally subtitles!

  14. would be nice if the commentator explains WTF is "sqid game" in nolimit holdem instead of say "sqid game is one of the best things that happened in holdem"

  15. No one wanna see Danny tang.Let him go,please!

  16. Triton puts on the best poker content ❤

  17. I think what is ironic or amazing is Robl who I almost never see winning on TV. He has had some terrible luck and winning with that 9 on the river was the coup de grace, because you remember his famous hand where he lost with quad 9s to quad Qs. Everyone that plays remembers that and I don't even think Robl was thinking about how lucky he was this time around to win with a 9. Great to see him win this hand.

  18. Victor might be one of the worst players the biggest whale Iv ever seen in high stakes

  19. Triton throwing in the extra 1% with translations just shows they are always trying to do the most and get the best out of their product. That is true professionalism.

  20. I hope Robl gave the dealer a decent tip

  21. 日本語の字幕も欲しい。どんな会話してるかしりたい!

  22. I love exhausted face of Jungleman sometimes

  23. OMG that moment with Robl. Happy to see his joy!

  24. Can someone explain the Squid game to me please?

  25. Danny tang even looks unhappy in the picture they show when he is playing

  26. these guys are crazy……..stu ungar would have loved this!

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