No Limit Hold'em CASH GAME | Episode 1 - Triton Poker London 2023 -

No Limit Hold’em CASH GAME | Episode 1 – Triton Poker London 2023

Triton Poker
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🔱 1st episode (3 total) of the Triton Poker Series London 2023 Cash Game featuring: Andrew Robl, Elton Tsang, Wiktor “Limitless” Malinowski, Daniel “Jungleman” Cates, Danny Tang & Tan Xuan.

Format: No-Limit Hold ‘Em
Blind Level $ 1,000 / 1,000 / 2,000
Buy-in: $300,000

🎤 Commentator: Randy “Nanonoko” Lew

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  1. Celebration from Robl was awesome haha 😀

  2. Triton, best production in poker, subtitles now too, brilliant stuff cant wait for the next event!

  3. Lol at Danny getting absolutely buried. Ran like 500k under all in EV here 😀 Was entertaining to see though.

  4. Wow this was amazing. The squid game is really good for the game.

  5. Omg they added the subtitles! Love this channel

  6. The ever-so-common limp 4-bet from Robl. Stand up game makes for good viewing.

  7. Robl is a pro player don't get me wrong, but his luck in many of these pots are god-like….KO!

  8. Marks a new height of production. Keep up the good work.👍 Look forward to complete and more authentic translation.

  9. Please include graphics for who has the stand up game cards 😊

  10. Subtitles are great, thank you! 😊

  11. Compare this to poker go and their line ups…. No contest.

  12. Why is Jungleman looking like he never enjoys to play

  13. I found the small reload clever, to play short stack and to give a chance to win the card without taking too much risk

  14. There are days when Robl is the best player in the world and the other days he's the luckiest. How can you beat him lol

  15. nanonoko in the commentary booth is always an enjoyment! and the line up is absolutly sick!! Triton <3

  16. Feel bad for Tan Xuan. That’s so sick 🤢🤢🤢

  17. At 3:00, Daniel Cates has such a look, as if there is one shit playing around him.

  18. only tan xuan playing like the stakes dont matter, the rest playing like it depends on their life… robl getting owned by alson too

  19. That was a fun game!! Robl is such a luck box!!!!

  20. This video needs more likes this content is great

  21. Very surprised at the classless move from Robl. He's usually cool and reserved. Hits a runner runner boat for over half a million. Jumps up, claps his hands, and laughs at the guy. It would be hard for any human to not say, "sit down and stop acting like a "f3g99," to him.

  22. Never seen a guy running as good as Robl on streaming games…Garrett maybe.

  23. this game is like squarepusher. Some sick beats.

  24. I standby saying the Robl is the luckiest poker player ever 😂 😅

  25. The perpetual squid game is the first true dynamic changing addition I’ve seen in a while. I want to see progressive squid game!

  26. Please host a deepstack PLO game Paul!!

  27. Some people commented it already, but nice that you have subtitltes now 🙂

  28. Wow, that's quite a lineup!!
    And thank you for the translations. Very useful!

  29. Finally a high stakes poker game with proper blinds. Sick of these $100k buy-ins to 25/50 or 50/100. Just stupid.

  30. Limitless' KQo calling Danny's AKo and winning both boards is just criminal… 17:40

  31. Triton listening to people about the subtitles shows why the production is so high quality. Other streams should learn from this.

  32. Jungleman and Limitless are competing for worst shirt ever. It’s close but I think Jungleman may edge him out this time.

  33. Nooo way you just added subtitles for the chinese banter…!!!
    Honestly, how good are you??? ❤

  34. This is the classiest poker production by any company. Randy is great at making the players the focus, not constant theoretical strategy.

  35. How can Jungle lose with the 75s??? 😮😢😅

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