No Thanks - A Card Game For Everyone -

No Thanks – A Card Game For Everyone

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. It makes me wonder if Tom is actually all alone and pretending to hear Matt…

  2. This review was amazing. The editing comedy is top notch.

  3. Nobody:
    Tom and the bois at three AM looking for beans

  4. Alright time to throw Innovation on here Tom! Bang for your buck, at $17 for 105 cards and player boards we need a shout out from SUASD!

  5. HOLY COW TOM!! That!! That, my good fellow, was an incredible review!! A stunning achievement! And for a game I've adored for over a decade already! Fabulous!

  6. Thanks to a stunningly good review it's already sold out on Amazon in the US. With great power comes great responsibility Tom!

  7. Isn't this game like 17 years old at this point?

  8. you can also play this with a few bits and a 6 nimmt! deck if you have one.

  9. I don't agree with all of Tom's reviews, but I always love watching them. On this occasion though, I agree 100%. No Thanks is one of those games that is a perfect filler. Quick and easy to teach and play, but there's a bit of bite in there too. I have a few copies floating around, and it's a regular addition to my game night bag.

  10. I watched Tom Scott play this game once! It was a rather entertaining experience

  11. How could a 5 minute review of a boring looking card game with a boring title be any good? The answer is Tom. Always Tom.

  12. My reaction when I saw the thumbnail: no thanks, I don’t like playing casual fillers anymore.

  13. Simple phone gag, but still made me laugh out loud. Classic Tom

  14. Yeah. I'm fine with the length but…I feel there is a fine line between comedy and information in a review and here for me, you ended up on the "wrong" side where it seems to be all comedy and little substance. This seems to be the direction your reviews are going more and more and I'm not a huge fan of it.

  15. Kicking off the new year of reviews right with oh-so-many goofs! Huzzah! And I really appreciate the note about teaching a game the way you learned it; so many times I introduce a game to my family and my brother immediately goes for the rulebook to see if I've "missed something", it kinda hurts…

  16. I love the game. Got it so many years ago now.

  17. This video is pure art.Tom is so good at Shut Up & Sit Down

  18. I love No Thanks! I remember travelling the world in my unencumbered younger days, and this was the perfect icebreaker to waste an hour or two with strangers, sitting on a backpack and waiting for a bus to anywhere.

  19. I do absolutely love this game… almost as much as I love Tom's reviews! Well, maybe not that much, but it IS a great game.

  20. That was very entertaining and barely instructive.

  21. Tom, you never cease to both get me excited about trying a new game, and laugh uncontrollably at the end of the review.

  22. Saw this game on a Tom Scott video, seems cool!

  23. Every bit of Toms videos make my whole day. The phone bit at the beginning made me laugh hard enough to fall off my couch.

  24. As everyone else is saying, this is an absolutely brilliant video

  25. I recommend giving it a try with the tokens open if you haven’t! It’s a different feel we here you share in each other’s agony and ecstasy and it’s fun to watch the beans flow around the table.

  26. This review is out of the world! Love it! 😀

  27. The density of jokes in this video, both in the script and the editing, is surreal

  28. That reviewer dice had such Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared energy 😅 also did he actually use lube to make the counters all gross in his hand?

  29. "Ah, great, only 5 minutes, exactly how much time I have before I have to run."

    keeps pausing every 2 seconds to see what the phone changed into next

  30. I'm glad the Dutch version of this game " Gesjaakt " is a tiny box comapred to this huge version

  31. Tom continues to climb the SUSD power rankings

  32. This is hilariously fun. Tom does it again (and again and again)!

  33. Haha those homemade phones of switch things are just hilarious

  34. A brilliant game! Gave it to my nieces and nephew at one of our family vacations and they actually put away their iPads to play it. 🙂

  35. Tom Scott has a playthough of this one, was fun to watch

  36. A review of no thanks after 2 months? Thanks, but no thanks

  37. This review is a fever dream and I love it.

  38. I bought this after the podcast episode recommending it. Worth every penny of the $12 I paid and then some. Great filler game I've played with many different groups.

  39. But is it better than 6nimmt! or High Society?

  40. the review dice is real, add this to the lore

  41. Love the video, hate the game. My brain just does not get it and I always lose

  42. Tom Scott has a playthrough video of this game. Worth a watch.

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