Normal Battle: Black & White 2 Remix ► Pokémon Trading Card Game -

Normal Battle: Black & White 2 Remix ► Pokémon Trading Card Game

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  1. Imagine then putting a new Card Game minigame in the BW remakes

  2. Excellent track, got a nice head bopping beat to it!

  3. Anxiously awaiting the day you remaster King Vilrich's battle theme from Pokémon TCG2: GR-dan Sanjou!

  4. Yes!!! Love this rendition. Any cover that focuses on the TCG game is always a win! Thanks for this cool remix

  5. I've been hooked on this OST for days, listening to it non-stop, and now you drop this incredible remix! Absolutely loving it! 🤩

  6. Awesome man! Best Pokeremixer out there, keep it up! 🙂You should be hired for the soundtrack of Gen5 remakes!^^

  7. I used to jam to this song on my Gameboy all the time. If only young me knew about the killer remixes that would crop up years later!

  8. As someone who has quite some memories from this game from my childhood, I absolutely love this! I know it's unrealistic, but man do I hope that some, a new TCG game that isn't an tie-in app or something releases. A remaster of this game, for example, would be amazing!

  9. Been looping this song for the past 15 min, very effective motivator when at work

  10. HECK YEAH! I absolutely love the ptcg music and i hope you're planning to do more of these soon!

  11. Por favor, mi reino por el tema de los GRAND MASTERS de este juego

  12. so well done my guy, i love how this sounds

  13. I wish we had a new Pokemon TCG game (or Pinball) for Switch. 😢

  14. Wow so this is what it would have sounded like

  15. Thank you 😊 would you believe it that this Gameboy Pokémon TCG has inspired my Inner World? The Type chart specifically 😅 but it did inspire me. Thank you for the Remix!❤❤❤

  16. The boss theme is pretty cool too. Do you plan to remix it as well if you didn't already ?

  17. Is it normal that the guy MC in this picture has such a gigantic hand? Seriously, look at the size of that slapper. Why? The better to play his cards with?

  18. this brings me back in the best way imaginable. this is a banger.

  19. No one seemed to acknowledged this soundtrack that much but I'm so glad that it earned a spotlight once in a while.

  20. Dang i figured not too many ppl know how good the soundtrack to TGC really is thanks for this great remix Zame

    Hope we get to hear your take on Ronald's theme one day

  21. Yo, this song is awesome! I still listen to the original from time to time

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