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OBJECTIVE Digital Card Games Tier List

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  1. A good game is Mythgard, i suggest you to give it a try

  2. Come on, Magic on E-Tier? Magic basically invented the whole Trading Card Game thing. And yes it may has started as an physical Card Game and there are certainly some problems coming along with that, but i don't think just because of that and the whole Land thing (which i personally really like) is that bad, that is deserves to be on E Tier. I mean if you don't like it that's ok, but it's supposed to be an objective Tier List, but i feel like it's gone rather subjective (at least with Magic)

  3. I thşnk Mythgard is an S or A tier game. However, the developer is a very small company . There is almost zero marketing and advertisement because of that. As a result playerbase is thin and queing times could be horrible.

  4. LoR is s tho, other than that, solid tier list.

  5. i was a legend player in HS for years, there was a moment that HS was in a good state, but now it deserves F. pro players and other streamers don't even play standard, they all went to BG. The balance is completly broken, standard even looks wild.
    Got to say tho, never expected for Magic to be E, tought it was the most respected card game there is.

  6. Who else googled Teppen after this video, expecting a spectacular fighting card game and realizing …. well I won't spoil the surprise 😀

  7. I may be bias but after playing other ccg's I've ended up liking MTG's mana system a bit more. The main reason is that with other games there's always a cap at 10, so whenever I play I feel like I can either do 1 big thing or like 2 smaller things at most. With Mtg depending on the amount of mana I have, I could maybe do 2 big things and 2 smaller things or several small things between my own turn or my opponent's turn. This partly might be because Mtg has some different design cards, like how some cards have "mana sinks" where you could spend extra mana on them to activate special abilities.

    Although who knows, maybe I'll take everything back next time I play and end up being mana flooded or mana screwed 🙂

  8. Andy - KFP Asset Protection Specialist says:

    Faeria is criminally underrated

  9. Another fun one that i've been enjoying is Kards – The WWII Card Game on steam. Have you ever tried it?

  10. Artifact is a weird one. You have Richard Garfield combined with Valve and Dota. By all metrics that should be a recipe for success. How they managed to absolutely fuck up something like that I will never understand.

  11. Where would be gwent with midwinter or swap patch?

  12. Might and Magic Duel of Champions anybody? S+ tier forever in my heart

  13. There is also this Lovecraftian card game although we only have it's demo version for now – Call of Myth. Its like hearthstone but Has the insanity mechanics and of course heavy atmosphere.

  14. Wasted 4 years of my life playing HS, now I look back and wonder why the foock I kept going. Paying 50 euros every 4 months just to stay on the surface is ridiculous. 50 euros and you don't even get HALF of the expansion cards. It is a terrible RnG money-grab where you play cards on curve.

    GWENT is easily above every other card game mechanically. Also the art is the best I've ever seen.

  15. I really don't get the statement from people saying LoR didn't bring anything new. In my honest opinion, it usually comes from people that simply did not give it enough time/effort and therefore missed a lot of the more nuanced changes that it brought to the genre.

    People mention champs as the one new thing. And I really do believe it is a very interesting area of the game, but not because the reasons that are usually stated. The fact that the champs can 'level up' or transform is cool, but I agree that other games also have transforming cards. The innovative thing that LoR did with champs is to effectively make a lot of them a mini game within the game, adding a dimension that you really don't see much.

    But there are two key other areas that I never see detractors mention, and that really change the game quite significantly compared to other games, and those are:
    -Turn mechanics: LoR has find the ideal sweet spot between Magic's turns were both players have some interactivity during a turn, and HS and Gwent that is pretty much your turn, my turn, your turn, my turn, with no interactivity during a turn.
    -Spell mana: it definitely improves on the likes of mana-based games like HS. It adds a whole extra dimension that you have to take into account.

  16. where do you think the game "faeria" would fall in your tier list?

  17. Gwent and artifact shouldnt be above legends of runeterra. Not by a long shot.

  18. It's interesting that you haven't put the classic heavy hitters such as Pokemon and YuGiOh in this list. I think any CCG player worth his salt would at least mention them alongside HS, and MTG.

    IMO, having played more than a dozen CCGs, I would put Alteil and ShadowEra S-tier gameplay-wise and mechanic-wise. They were just ran horribly management-wise. Failed at marketing, and failed at monetization. ShadowEra has an especially unique resource system that really highlights the skill of a player. In order to gain mana, you have to sacrifice (or put in graveyard) one card from your deck every turn. Alteil on the other hand is the perfect example of what would happen if you remove draw from CCGs. Players have access to all the cards in their deck at any time, and only the mana costs prevent a card from being played. Mana is earned gradually every turn.

    A Pokemon, Horus Heresy Legions, Gwent
    B Ederon, Tekken Card Tournament
    C MMDoC, Urban RIvals
    D YuGiOh, Kards, Eternal, ShadowVerse, Eredan, Forgotten Myths, Runeterra
    E Hearthstone, MTG
    F Order and Chaos Duels, Solforge

    I may still be missing a few more I've played that were completely forgettable.

    Imma try out Teppen. It seems similar to Tekken Card Tournament.

  19. I was surprised by your judgment on Gwent as I imagined you might be a lot critical to it but I am actually glad to hear that opinion and I guess if you placed it any lower than that then why are you still playing it and making content for it, cheers!

  20. A huge thing About GWENT is that players like me that never spend Lots and Lots of money on the game, ive been playing this game for 3 months and without lying its ver very easry to grind cards I have like 10 top tier decks without having to play 5 years de game or being 24/7 playing its really cool

  21. I played a bit of hearthstone 2-3 years ago but thats all the experience i have with card games. Installed gwent when it came out on steam because i was curious and like the witcher games. Got completely hooked on it, have barely touched any other game since then. i think its an amazingly well made game, and its not pay to win, that helps a lot;)

  22. 70% of my interest to play Gwent are the gorgeous premiums. Sorry opponent,u may think I'm roping but sometimes i just stare at them even the ones in my deck and graveyard

  23. Omg seeing Artifact that high made me vomit… that game had potential but Im glad I refund it after 1st match I played.

  24. I like how in Gwent you design the cost of your deck BEFORE you get into a match, not during one. At least I love it for now, who know what'll happen later. It's nice that juggling costs doesn't sap away any mental energy while playing.

  25. TESL is just a solid game ! Sad that they stopped the content updates! I think its more of a B tier. The biggest flaws it has IMO is that it didnt sell itself good enough and they Hadnt a good enough hook and player retention sistem! But otherwise it has good design , great art , great theme and cool interactions

  26. This is a very nice list. Shadowverse is an excellent game as well. Much like Teppen, it's probably alot more popular in Japan as it has had promotional crossovers with many well known Japanese games and anime, but it has still had a notable worldwide competitive scene and very fair card economy

  27. you should try pvz heroes a mobile tcg (made by ea) its basically heartstone pvz but it has some different mechanics

  28. I don’t know why I can’t comment with my normal account. But you have to try MINION MASTERS if you like teppen. You will not regret it. The meta is fantastic in that game, I see all cards in it at all times. At first glance it might not even look like a card game. But it is definitely a deck builder and I’ve never once even netdecked. Fantastic. No need to pay a dime either if you don’t wish to

  29. No time codes? Go to the hell

  30. Recently got back into MTG after having been away from it for a long time. Honestly, I love Magic, like to death. You give HS in C tier because of its legacy but none of these games would exist if not for MTG. If you are ranking based on Legacy, MTG is like S+ tier. And in regards to how little it has changed mechanically and how well it holds up, I think it's truly a marvel. All of that praise being put aside (and there is certainly more, don't get me wrong), there is a reason I am watching this video. I absolutely agree with your critiques of it. Having been playing Arena for the past 6 months or so, I've had a lot of fun, but I've also had some of the most anger inducing moments of my life. Frankly, the fact that you can have extremely fun duels only to end up drawing 7 lands in a row is kind of a big turn off. That's not to mention all of the many many more duels that are lost/won because one of the two people are missing lands at essential times. Land as a concept doesn't have to be ditched, but I definitely think they should fundamentally alter the way land is played in a way to make it more even. For awhile I kept track of my matches and came up with about 15-20% of the duels being ruined due to one person being land screwed or land flooded. That alone is enough to sink the game on a mechanical level. Throw in the game's terrible balance and it's just hard to really love the game as much as I want to.

  31. I feel like I'd be really into Teppen if it was on PC. I played it for a bit on mobile and really liked it, but mobile games just can't keep my attention for very long

  32. spend the 10 bucks on some sort of shockmount.

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