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[OFFICIAL] Learn how to play the ONE PIECE CARD GAME!

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For beginners! Learn how to play the One Piece Card Game!

00:00 Opening
00:30 What is the One Piece Card Game
01:09 Battle Preparation
02:15 Victory Conditions
02:58 Your Turn Flow
04:15 Summoning Character Cards
05:58 Attacking on Main Phase
07:31 Attaching Don!! Card to a Leader or Character Card
08:09 Blocker effect
09:10 Trigger effect
09:54 Character Card`s Counter effect
10:24 Event Card`s Counter effect

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©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha ©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Toei Animation


  1. just picked up my first starter deck today (the monkey d luffy one) from a convention and I decided to watch the tutorial video. It's a lot easier than I thought it would be!!

  2. If a character with a don card attached is destroyed does the don card go to the trash as well?

  3. What purpose does it serve for the one kid (Tom) to have such an annoying voice over? Lol.

  4. I played this for the first time ever today with friends at a tcg store, thanks for the vid we used it to learn how to play and had lots of fun!

  5. I wanna throw Big Mom at people so I’m picking up this game. SADLY the freaking Big Mom starter deck got bought out

  6. The reward system is kinda like the one in the Naruto card game.

  7. This game DOES look fun. It's a shame it's being mismanaged in the west. Prices of singles are insane thanks to inexplicably under printed starter decks and sealed product.

    If you're going to have a game without rotating sets, you need to have those games pieces available to the players. Things are so bad that LGSs are price gouging what they do manage to get.

    Do not bother starting this game unless things change. A competitively viable deck is 4-500 USD as things currently stand. It's a shame as I really love the game, but I'll be playing proxies

  8. Bro no one is going to talk about that every ip has a card game now 😅😅

  9. OMG this is way too complicated I don't understand what the hell is happening.

  10. What happens to the don cards when a character that has a don card is trashed? Do the don cards go back to the don deck or get trashed or go back to the cost area

  11. When she drew 5 Frankie’s I was like sssssuuuuuuuuuuuper!!!!!!

  12. This is like a simplified version of magic the gathering!

  13. But he didn’t teach her event card and state card

  14. maybe a stupid question, but what is the maximum number of dons you can put on your leader. is 10 possible?

  15. Rules are basically 99% of Duel Masters TCG, hehe

  16. If this game wouldn‘t be so short produced it could actually be fun…sad
    I am definitely not paying +30/40% an boosters/displays.

  17. If only I could find the ONE PIECE CARDS from the ONE PIECE CARD GAME so I could actually play the ONE PIECE CARD GAME but there doesn't seem to be any ONE PIECE CARDS anywhere i look.

  18. This is the best tutorial I’ve ever seen fr a card game I haven’t to admit this makes me want to get into the game

  19. I would love if you guys brought back the Naruto Bandai CCG

  20. I just wanna say you can tell she’s really scared of Kaido but she still picked Luffy. That’s so brave and we are here for you queen ❤❤❤

  21. It appears to be a simplified and approachable mix of Magic TG and Cardfight Vanguard. Although I have not seen the show, it seems like an enjoyable and easy game to understand.

  22. mfw the voice actor for the girl changes 4 minutes in

  23. love this tutorial, my bf cant explain it for sh*t cuz he obsessed with it, i can finally surprise him by being able to play it

  24. omg thanks so much im just now starting and THIS HELPED ME 100%

  25. i wish the color didnt matter because i really want to make a thriller bark arc team

  26. So did he need to have unused Don in his cost pile to play that final event card? If so, you don’t always want to play all your don on your turn if you have 1 cost events then right?

  27. Is it possible to win the game by having a weak character like Chopper as the leader?

  28. Thanks guys I subed to you because it is so helpful 😊

  29. Horrible game. Worst tcg by a mile. Terrible explanation video.

  30. what happens in the end? I mean, kaido had 9k and luffy just 6k

  31. whats up w the japanese "im gonna do my best culture"..?

  32. can you guys make this a video game like master duel

  33. I'm about to get the black Luffy deck soon.

  34. Why did they market this like a children's game lmao.

  35. I've bought two boosters (5 cards each), will that be enough to play the game? The bigger packs are too expensive in my country ;_(

  36. 8:44 why does he need to give Kaido 2x Don? Aren't if your power the same u still win the fight? Just like when luffy atk kaido both are 5000 and Luffy won. (Im new and confused)

  37. I have one piece cards I got 31 cards

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