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Announcing the One Piece Card Game from Bandai!
Get ready for the Japan Release in July 2022, and a worldwide English release later in 2022!

Discover ONE PIECE!

Official Website and Social Media Below!


  1. I have a feeling this will be as popular as the dragon all card game

  2. God I hope this is physical, I've been needing a new game since Force of Will ruined itself.

  3. Pandaman is gonna be the most broken card in the game

  4. Hell yeah, can't wait any longer. I want to know how's gonna be

  5. Ive been exclusively a Yugioh player since the day I was born.
    This may be the one that changes that

  6. It's litteraly just copies of the manga on cards and no original art. That's lame

  7. For real though if the game is fun and the art for the cards are like what you've been doing with the dbs tcg you guys are going to make some money 💰💰 especially from me 😂😂

  8. Wait until that event only holographic Condoriano card comes out.

  9. I can hop on this early and start collecting all the cards in my binder once it releases

  10. Hopefully this won't die out like my precious naruto ccg.

  11. Subscribing only to get news on this!!

  12. Please make sure that the card looks good like the pokemon, yugioh, magic or whatever. It needs to look good! If it looks like it does on your website it will fail

  13. is bandai able to make a succesful tcg or will they keep creating tcg that die a few years after release with no support , unfindable staple promo cards , no online game and virtually no push for collecting value?

    like seriously at the fucking least TRY to make it last

  14. I just don't know what makes this gameplay special or appealing yet and can't wait to find out

  15. Please make it a digital card game as well! I have no friends to play with if it’s only available in physical form.

  16. Getting in on this EARLY. I regret letting Yugioh pass me by back in 2002, I won’t miss this

  17. Okay bye digimon and Dbz and I will spend my money on Pokémon ,Yugioh and One Piece.

  18. Definitely scalping these and overpricing for resale

  19. I'm getting 4 of the starter decks and some Romance Dawn packs let's fucking go.

  20. On a real though they would make so much money if they made it an online game, like i'm so surprised they didnt make the Dragon Ball Super an OCG

  21. On the internet there are already one piece cards for sale, these are original or fake

  22. Wowww Is the best card gameee….. Of shit.

  23. So is this an actually video game or physical card release like yugioh or Pokémon?

  24. So that's why the anime has stopped for 4 weeks

  25. Damn, I thought this released like a year ago. It leaked they were investing heavy into a trading card company. Don't know how the manga to card format works for anything outside of just collecting them.

  26. This is a teaser, not trailer. We dont even see the card 😑😑

  27. Will we have translation into Brazilian Portuguese and other Latin American languages ​​in this game? We're big fans and we're really excited to play this TCG, but it would be a shame not to have translation like there was with the Dragon Ball TCG. Please translate the game.

  28. i have a request please release this in India there r many one piece fans in India so please bring this to india

  29. Dont spread your resources too thin when you already have two games running on shield systems.

  30. for everyone in the comments saying about online emulators guys chill first the game has not yet been released and for the ones that make the comparison to digimon.Digimon is out for less than a year and yugioh players had to wait 26 years from release to get an official emulator.

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