One Piece Card Game: I Was Wrong! Magellan Deck Profile! -

One Piece Card Game: I Was Wrong! Magellan Deck Profile!

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Magellan has quickly gone from my least favorite to most favorite leader in Set 2. Hope I can help convert a couple of you as well!

Deck List: (119*4OP02132071P1!73(075(07623b079Nijihayashi)3)5)6)7)9*4ST04!04!05*4ST05!04(006!4300(230)!8%01)(!_

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  1. I've played Magellan and I've been fourth out of eleven players in today's tournament. I beat Kinemon, Z and Smoker (3 games won out of 4). I find it a very fun deck to play and it is very annoying for the opponent

  2. I love Magellan. Ivee been running it at my locals and I do really well with it. I use 9 drop kaido/rush queen. No shiryu/bullet/geld tesero. I also don’t use uta blocker which I’ve been back and forth with. But currently do not run it

  3. yea u were wrong magellan op

  4. Magellans unite! I would say I find 9 drop kaido to be pretty good at punching the game home. Gild Tesoro useless too often, I’d want more counters.get a wide board and swing face. Swing with blockers. Really fun deck. I recommend.

  5. On this past regional I lost to Magellan on round 1 thinking “maybe I screwed up” but thet 5 drop really is deadly against whitebeard…

  6. i tested Magelan this Week on The Sim and have a little lack in the Lategame so i playtesting atm the List with 1 OP02 Uta SEC and 1 Bullet from ST06

  7. I saw Tyler interview who finished 6th at regionals he said he would take out 2 drop Shiki and replace with 3 drop sazuki 2k & take out 5 drop tsoro and put in 9 mana kaido at least 2 maybe 3.

  8. NGL. This Deck is very good. It counters kinemon very hard. It also has a good or lets say manageable match up against whitebeard, same with smoker. Zoro idk but that could be tougher. In my honest opinion, the 5drop Bullet is MVP! He is soooo good!

  9. 10:17 just so you know Queen is actually most expensive at 18 each. Sadly, really important card but pretty expensive to get 4x (esp for a structure deck card). Or else Magellan would be a very budget friendly and competitive deck

  10. Something to note, you led off by saying his effect was that he got 1k when you returned a Don on your turn, but the errata text is when ANY player returns a Don during your turn, which is marginally better.

  11. This is actually the deck that got me into the game just finished picking up my set of alt art little sadi

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