One Piece Card Game! Is it worth getting?! | Special Video -

One Piece Card Game! Is it worth getting?! | Special Video

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  1. There are so many insane artwork in the set especially the alternate art, why are you only showing 6 "examples" which 4 of them is common, 1 uncommon and 1 rare, there are better artwork in the higher rarity which is the chase cards especially alternate art super rare and secret rare

    Also that sanji that you bashed on have 2 other alternate artwork that looks fire and all the straw hat cards from set 1 also got one

    This poor highlights is really turning people off from the game without even looking into many amazing artwork this game had that you didnt even showed

  2. Why not show any alternate art cards or mention them, as a lot of the basic looking straw cards have amazing alternate art cards. This was a really poor take by Liam trying to get other to have the same opinion as him and not a full perspective on this card game. Just with a single google search one can see that this card game has some of the most amazing cards. As one piece content creators you must do better

  3. the dragon ball super card game has the same play style ,i think the great success of Dragon Ball Super , coming from some one who plays Dragon ball super im super hyped to switch to one piece ,once you start to play its very fun , and i buy the alternative art on eBay just for my collection . love the pod cast and others fans views on this .

  4. Ooof I think you may have annoyed some people in the comment section😆 Thanks for the great video as always😁

  5. Manu bro, leave the mic alone. Somebody get this man a fidget spinner, he is giving me anxiety, im too ADD for this

  6. honestly the inconsistency in th art work is kinda bad. its just looks like a screenshot. In a world where we have MTG, Pokemon, Yugioh and other card games, its like they are not even trying =/

  7. One TCG that I've been playing is the RAW deal which was the WWE card game. That is awesome game play and mechanics.

  8. these comissions for the common kards look like just stolen from deviant art

  9. There are 33 alternate art in the 1st set why are you not showing any single one of them?

  10. only 25 min! I need my hour fix damn it 😩

  11. I do prefer this to mha's card game. Just screenshots

  12. obviously, this is a trading card game. people who like the manga/anime would want to play a card game associated with OP. if you want art, buy an OP art book.

  13. I think Yogurt from SpaceBalls would approve.

  14. Welcome to Capitalism. It's weird that Oda has a revolutionary themed manga only to prop up the World Gov't IRL.

  15. Even if it's a short episode I still love it. Nothing better than hearing about this card game I didn't even know existed.

  16. That's so embarrassing that they'd do that with the cards. I can understand why Liam didn't want to open them after the 2nd one. It's just a cop-out and it's pretty damn obvious. Like oh there are card games for lots of anime so let's soak up the money

  17. This better not be the entire podcast!!! 24mins wasn’t nearly enough!!!

  18. C'mon Man. It's obvious y'all didn't do any research on the actual Gameplay and mechanics. I get it, all Lowlights and valid gripes, and no Highlights at all?

    Our community is small but growing. Join Reddit and Discord if you want to learn more.

  19. Very different sentiment to most other countries that have OPCG officially released with events running. The excitement and hype is real around here with unique and rewarding prizes from events.

    Opening OP01 booster boxes are a lot more thrilling than Pokemon boxes in my opinion and I play both card games. The ratios of playable cards to useless bulk/filler cards are so much better as Pokemon sets are way too big these days.

    Preordered my case of OP02 and looking forward to more OPCG events in the near future🎉

  20. The worst take I ever heard on a TCG card game, show's how little you know about TCG. When you don't show the alternative arts and just try to push your own agenda get the Fook out of here

  21. I genuinely implore you guys to take a look at the Dragonball Super Card Game art. Specifically the Super Rare arts vs their Special Rare (alt art) counterparts. It's hard to believe that Bandai doesn't have 100% licensing rights for DBS when all of the art is not only consistent but, arguably, some of the best art across any tcg. Yet Bandai does have 100% rights to the one piece tcg and we got this. Wild.

  22. You briefly talk about One Piece in gambling, but isn't that what Gacha games are? Thoughts on One Piece: Treasure Cruise? The art for it is pretty amazing, but lkke all Gacha games it's pretty predatory

  23. I've said for years now that toei needs to sell an actual devil fruit encyclopedia with of course the history of the fruit what it does who currently has it mix in some fun facts and I'd absolutely buy that in a heart beat

  24. i'm truly sorry to say this, but manu reeeeally needs to do sth. about his microphone.. it's overdriving as soon as he talks a bit louder.. either it's too sensitive or he's screaming too much haha. i really like the podcast, but i think he should adress it, since it makes it a bit unpleasant to listen to him

  25. Great video! I would have liked to know your thoughts on if in 20 years time select cards would be equivalent to say a first edition charizard in value. Do you think one piece could compete with pokemon in that regard

  26. Look I have my Alt Art Sanji super rare card and I’m glad it looks extraordinary! I purchased 2 booster boxes, opened 1 and keep the second one seal

  27. Common guys, every card game has poor cards. I counted every single "bad" looking cards from that set and its around 20. 20 out of 160 arts. With little math its 12,5% of the total. Its not that much. And plz show the good looking arts more. They are tons of them in this set. Btw not every Event Card has a trigger 😉

  28. I know Roger and Tekking enjoyed the card game at Anime Expo but kinda sucks to hear y'all didn't enjoy it as much but I'm excited for it still

  29. don't have access to the physical cards, but I'm really sad to hear how they went with the art direction, I've only played the app they put out and I've enjoyed the gameplay but it is still disheartening to hear how inconsistent cards can be

  30. Good thing you guys explained that there are also alternate art for the cards, like the sanji you guys showed that is literally amazing, right?…. Right? C'mon guys do a little bit more of research, the gameplay and mechanics are quite good so it's not a cash-grab like you make it out to be, good game design is expensive. And if you just want to collect them for the art THERE ARE alternate arts, that are of course rare.

    If the game's dead on arriaval then we can say goodbye to more expansions and arts, thus making the game better. Don't let the hype die right away.

  31. I'm honestly very excited for the card game. I think you guys are underestimating the potential and likelihood that this does very well. I'm planning on collecting and playing, especially now that a Whitebeard leader card is coming in the second set.

  32. I've literally just printed proxies for the cards just to play the game, if the art is this shit i will not spend money just to have the original product

  33. You should show all the awesome cards more. And all the alternate arts

  34. Opening boosters in any tcg is basically just an irl gacha game, its sadly just how the industry works, but doesnt reflect how amazing the one piece cardgame is at all. Buying singles is the way to go for non-whales, if you wanna collect

  35. Did bandai did it for the money? Eff yeah.
    Doesn't make it a bad game. Inconsistency in design I agree, but as much as I like and respect Liam, he butchered the game rules and concept, which is not helping x)
    Also, multiple luffy wreaking havoc at the same time not being possible? I guess this retconned the entire end of the whole cake island arc…

  36. Honestly I love the manga panels, as it feels like an nice memory to certain scenes. But I despise anime screenshots to all hell.

  37. Id love to see you guys talk about spy x family

  38. These guys dont seem to know whats vanilla cards for a tcg in its infancy . These people are doing this for clout. They know shit haahhaha

  39. Not that i would buy the cards anyways but they scammed you

  40. There are so much potentials with TCG One Piece. They need to take their times and plan things out. Add attacks, damages, defense, etc… and balance things out and boom!

  41. Sounds like they copy and paste the rules and card design setup from the current Digimon TCG onto One Piece. That's why Digimon TCG is superior because that works for Digimon.

  42. This was a terrible, uninformed video. Right Guy only tells Left Guy and Middle Lady about his distaste for the design of the cards. He confirms he hasn't played the game enough to judge it through the way he talks about it, and I question how deep he is into card games in general. What Right Guy seems to forget is that some of the rare cards have an alternate art, including the Sanji that Right Guy showed. These people don't have the ability to make informed assessments about a card game because they have been given minimal information by a guy who hasn't educated himself. Now, if you excuse me, I have to go tell a guy he made a mistake tweeting this out

  43. I'm glad someone else hates the anime screenshot art. I think it's a necessary evil for characters like Sheephead that don't get any real manga scenes, but every important character should get manga or alt-art.

  44. Ok so for anyone watching do not listen to what he says at around 4:00. The game is so awesome that they print these very good gameplay wise cards at different artstyle with deferent rarities but still the same card so that the collectors can chase the rare alternative art and those of us who just want to play have enough simple rares to buy at low prices.

    Then you go over inconsistent artwork, have you seen mtg lately ? or pokemon ?

    Come on you are doing this game a huge disfavor, and what you are presenting as facts is actually half-truths or straight up lies.

    And about the art styles, there are basically 3 art styles in the game to summ it all up
    – Anime screenshot
    – Manga style
    – Custome Artist

    Oh and the game links perfectly fine with the anime, all of the law cards basically have anime law abilities, do you even play the game bro ???

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