One Piece Card Game - Mobile Gameplay (Tutorial App) -

One Piece Card Game – Mobile Gameplay (Tutorial App)

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Check out the gameplay for the new One Piece Card Game. The mobile teaching app is available now if you want to try out and learn the game.

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  1. they already made the basics of the game, whats holding them back from releasing a full ver 😭

  2. When will we get a one piece game where we can get our own crew and go on our own adventures choosing haki, swordsmanship, devil fruits, sniping, so much money could be made!

  3. To all the babies in the comments, this isn't a game. It's an app that's supposed to teach you the rules of the new card game, nothing more nothing less.

  4. Cant wait till December to buy the real cards 🤗

  5. "Its time to due–wait….THIS ISN'T YUGIOH!!"

  6. Looks fun but NOPE , not gonna get into another card game lol already deep in MTG with a sprinkle of yugioh, pokemon , and digimon.

  7. It looks like an ordinary card game and they just put one piece characters on these cards, just to make a quick buck. For starters the battle music doesn't sound like one piece at all.

  8. Seems boring, some UI like still can be polish. Gameplay is NAH. Card artstyle NAH

  9. I'll sell all my mtg card to buy this game. OP is life.

  10. M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ! says:

    One Piece going crazy this year

  11. I'm glad THIS was the surprise they were marketing for so long and not some NFT garbage that people were suspecting

  12. who tf plays card games anyway ? How about a proper RPG ?

  13. whoa! IGN's getting into the One Piece TCG game too!?

  14. Despite being a TCG, it's still faster-paced than the anime.

  15. digimon tcg we got half the experience in a tutorial app if we could play like this would be dope but no

  16. A card game with no visual attacks like Haki, gomu gomu noo, pergatory ect… C'mon

  17. Yall can’t read, its a TUTORIAL app. Smh

  18. Looks so boring without any decent looking animations

  19. Where are we able to get our hands on these ?! Help please

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