One Piece Card Game: PPG Paramount War Regionals! Top 16 Deck Lists! -

One Piece Card Game: PPG Paramount War Regionals! Top 16 Deck Lists!

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Deck Lists:

00:00 Intro
01:57 1st Quan Le – OP02-025 Kin’emon
03:30 2nd Jackson Hoang – OP01-002 Trafalgar Law
05:36 5th Tyler Bollin – OP02-071 Magellan
08:19 6th Sheng Zheng – Edward Newgate ( Straw Hat )
09:35 7th Nicholas Coccaro – OP01-001 Roronoa Zoro
10:47 10th Kory Phillips – ST01-001 Monkey D. Luffy

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  1. I was looking at the event page and realize the pie chart for top16 doesn't look right 6 Kinemon should takes up more in the pie chart than zoro right

  2. I wanted and try play luffy for my regionals! I think I might test this list out! don't know about masked deuce tho ?

  3. credits to my Law top goes to my friend Thomas Nguyen for talking me into yolo-ing with Law! guy is one of the best Law players in the game and I used his list (minus 1 card) that he used to get 9th in the regional the day before.

  4. Thanks for posting ppg results! Wow the winning deck is pretty affordable. About $75 average on tcg with current prices. It’s also a blast to play!

  5. It's so wild to see my name along with the decklist I was running pop up in one of your videos, and I can't believe I'm going to Nationals!!

  6. i want to translate your content how can i reach to you brother?

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