One Piece Card Game: Top 10 EXPENSIVE Cards -

One Piece Card Game: Top 10 EXPENSIVE Cards

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One Piece Card Game has some cards in the game that are very expensive! These are the TOP 10 expensive Cards in the Game!

One Piece tcg is a card game that plays the characters from the anime.

As you probably already know the main character Monkey D Luffy and Zoro going to make a scene in this video for being really expensive!

The most expensive cards are here in this video for you to be informed! Enjoy and Subscribe!

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  1. Hey guys great vid with lots of awesome infos and the cards are beautiful sapecially the Manga Shanx secret rare that is fair in price can't wait to play it asap

  2. Honestly each price is lower than how it really appears on the market. Idk where did you look at, but they are wrong

    Boa is on 150 euros, the same Nami
    Zoro goes around 90, it's the same for Luffy alt (SR).
    Yamato stays on 75 easily.

  3. The last 2 shanks manga alt arts sold for 1000 on eBay

  4. Supah video it give everyone what to expect on prices

  5. Ah yes, the Waifu tax… Well worth the burn! Nami-swan! 🤣

  6. Lol its so crazy how much they dont know the lore and act like they are fan of the series. But hey kudos to you guys, I respect the hustle nevertheless

  7. Definitely think all of these cards are undervalued

  8. Where could i get the cards online from Japan?? Which website is good for the Japanese version

  9. I had a suss on Ebay sold listings, Shanks @ number 1 is selling for $1300 AUD+ Sheeeesh

  10. Damm $600 that's steep for a card but it's super nice. Hopefully I can get some English boxes When they drop. Good video btw!

  11. hey great video, do you know when/where we can start pre-order the english version?

  12. What retail stores will this be in in the US?

  13. Oh damn…… Damn……oh damn…….dayammmmm….oh damn…..dammmmnnnn

    That's all i hear

  14. probably will hold a playset of all these cards. funnt thing is that im barely on skypaea arc in One Piece


  16. Where’s a good place to look for one piece cards

  17. "It's getting up there" is my take away from this video lmaooo.. great vid and appreciate the info!

  18. How did you rate Kaido Parallel Leader?

  19. $600 is very cheap for a holy grail card. Trust.

  20. what price expect for english version draft box???

  21. It sounds like you guys should watch the anime

  22. They sure are expensive but as someone who pulled yugioh cards worth thousands of dollars per card, I couldn’t help but smirk at the 50$ cards in the beginning

  23. Bruh only 600 $ for shanks cheapest bounty after Chopper

  24. Where is Roronoa Zoro alt art leader in the list?

  25. Nice content but its easy to tell you hardly have watched the show lol

  26. Prices might fluctuate overtime but for the most part this is the list for top 10+ hope you enjoy

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