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Here’s three 1 player cards games to keep you entertained. We have:
– Patience / Clock
– Pyramid

Music by DJ Konetix:




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  1. hello from Texas!love your accent and your mug!thank you for the wonderful video.much needed ‘refresher’

  2. I played clock for the first time and won my first game it's definitely a great game to play

  3. just played clock for the first time and i won…

  4. Being a loner I'll be playing this covidless 😋

  5. I searched this cause im lonely in my home, glad i got this :))

  6. i just won my first game of the clock patience game

  7. Nice video, I don’t like clock mainly because it’s 100% luck, and almost all card games are luck, but clock is one of the ones that takes almost zero skill, which I don’t like lol

  8. I had 5 cards left on my first go of clock

  9. I just played clock for the first time in about 15 years and I won the first game! Pure luck 😃

  10. I have a very simple game, it's called royal debt I made up. remove 1 K and 1 Q before you play it make it a more even. the goal is to get to 20 cards. if you draw a queen, king, or a jack you have to pay it off with a value of 10. example 10 of hearts or 5 hearts and 5 diamond ect. ace cards act as a 1, mainly to finish off a 9 value card. if you draw a joker you have to remove 2 of your lowest cards including aces. you cannot pay off a king, queen, jack with anything higher or lower than a 10. it needs to be a perfect 10 to pay it off. if you can't pay it off you lose. if you draw a K,Q,J at the very start you have to obviously start again. the ace of spades just holds a value of 10. once you have 20 cards your debt is payed off and you win. can you escape the royal debt?

  11. just played my first game of clock EVER and had 5 cards left!!!

  12. i just played clock and i almost one i had one card left but sadly i got my last king on the 4

  13. I just played clock for the very first time. I thought I had no chance of winning but I just won. I can’t believe it.

  14. The way you explaining is very neat and more clearer than any other video I watched for me as I am a very beginner. Thank you soo much. I am glad I found you. Looking forward for more.

  15. I am literally addicted to clock now😍😍

  16. Your eyes show how fed up you are with the lockdown 😅😅JK

  17. omg i was playing clock, i had 1 more card left and i lost 🥲

  18. I love playing solitaire with real playing cards ..good ol fashion way..but after watching your vlog I played solitaire…but I dont remember the games…I Remember you..A beauty! Hi!!!

  19. i just played clock for the first time ever and i had one card left 😭

  20. clock is so fun! thank you for giving me something to do with my cards when i have nothing to do in class 🙂

  21. I love tri peaks but pyramid is confusing. Guess I need to practice more. Love your channel!! Subbed.

  22. i love playing games. i would also recommend go fish to play alone

  23. she plays solitare kinda different then my mom taught me-
    -instead of 7 piles there are only 4
    -you dont really do the whole move a pile to another thing
    -you draw 3 cards and the top card is the first card you draw

    It'll be really fun to play it in a different way!! cant wait!!

  24. Omgg I just won clock on my second try!!

  25. Watching this a year later and I just played clock for the first time and on my third go I won

  26. Let me give you my time of day I’ll do tricks for you any day I love to play I love to play

  27. I have a full time job to at a day care facility and I’m watching your video on December 17 at approximately 6:01pm in Gallup New Mexico at some Sleezy Motel room lol but it’s nice to see you deal a good hand 🤚😊

  28. Me wanting to learn new solo card games: ooh nice, three games
    I already know all three games- cRiEs

  29. Does anyone happen to know a single player gambling card game? With poker chips, it's not about winning real money.

    I like it when there's stakes to me winning or losing but putting an ante or something for solitaire is boring and actual poker can hardly be played single player (I'm not counting online, pc, phone based poker etc.)


  31. I don't necessarily agree that flipping 3 cards at a time is more difficult. I was taught by may Gram Gram that you can flip 3 cards until you can't play anymore or you can flip one card at a time 3 times through the pile. After the 3rd time through your game is over and you are most likely defeated and therefore have brought shame upon the family.

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