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Asyraf D. Chazz
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Finally, the Katakuri deck profile is here! I’ve been playing this deck for about a month and I talk in detail about this leader and deck!

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Asyrafchazz is Singaporean based creator, who is extremely addicted to all things GEEK-related. An avid fan of Magic the Gathering, One Piece and Pokemon, he aims to share some of his addictions on this humble slice of this platform. Asyrafchazz also streams on twitch, and loves doing box openings for all TCGs out there!


  1. My gf just bought me a box on vacation. Anfter the 4th pack i got sec katakuri im so happy.

  2. Sorry, complete Newbie question. How do you play online?

  3. I recently got my donut eating custom katkuri from kazurk kards

  4. I have been playing this deck on the sim for a few weeks now and I love it. I was getting by playing a bit of every colour but fell in love with this deck. I’m going full in on yellow from here on out. Thanks so much bro. Going to be exciting to see what it can do with new OP04 cards.

  5. what card protector do you use for the aa leader?

  6. What's the deal with katakuri the translation we have here says look at opponents life but I've seen people using on their own life?

  7. Love the video man. Katakuri is my favorite character and I cannot wait for this deck. The set comes out right near my bday too. Hoping some alt art Katakuri pulls are my present but anyway I have a question for the playstyleWhen you pull cards out of your own life via one of the many card effects, can you use the trigger effect even though it's your own turn? Seems like it would be a busted ability with all the trigger effects but I am definitely all for it!

  8. Hi Chazz , first of all I wanted to congratulate you on the channel , been following up since the game came out here in Costa Rica. Also I tested your KATAKURI deck and I love it but I wanted to ask what do you think of the 4 cost 6 power KATAKURI card ? I like the effect but dont know if I should include it. Also is there a yellow card that can let me add cards from my hand to my life ?

  9. What do you think about how this deck can do in the meta after the ban list ? Without that many WB it can do a lot in my opinion

  10. The leader says your opponents life cards only

  11. Will try you build. Now I really enjoy Leader big mom with 2-3 copies of 10 big mom on the field 😆

  12. So the printed life is max life? Or can u go higher?

  13. I’ve been loving him on the simulator! Gonna see what you use and maybe see what tricks I’m missing

  14. I really hate thr Meta, it makes everything boring. Everyone just netdecks to win no originality. And OP03 feels even worse everyone will just play WB and it's two unkillable Marcos.

  15. man i love your content so much, i really look forward to yellow as a color, it looks so good to me the mechanic of the life manipulation. and katakuri big time one of the best characters.

  16. Looking for that kaizoku cards link for the DON! Must have, I need, gimmie

  17. I will start the tcg with a Katakuri deck, Can't wait until Katakuri leader releases and thnx for the deck list.

  18. Man I am ready for this deck! Crazy our lists are so similar

  19. This looks great! Can't wait for yellow!

  20. i dont see the link to the crying strawhats don

  21. Wow this deck is crazy and that's a beautiful alt art

  22. Ofcourse of like Charlotte haha he whooped luffy's ass. Is your second favorate Kaido or Kuma? Haha great video bro!

  23. 69th like, nice. I love Katakuri, so for me this is the most hype deck from op03.

  24. You absolutely got me excited for Katakuri for this format, and I’m so pumped to see your list! Really curious about more insight to not vibing with Daifuku, as well as your priorities when it comes to the bombs that are the 2 big moms and 8 drop Katakuri. I personally run a 4/3/1 split of 7dropBM/10dropBM/8dropKatakuri.

    Thanks for all the hard work man, keep it up!

  25. whats the plastic card holder that he placed his alt art katakuri called?

  26. Love your deck list and commentary! Can’t wait for June so I can play big mom in the English meta!

  27. So excited to eventually get my hands on these cards when ENG Set 3 releases! Thank you for sharing your decklist / insight. Now I can get a better idea on what to look out for in my pulls!

  28. 10K subscribers man you made it! Big congrats to you keep up the great work 🎉🎊🥳✨️

  29. I just wanted to say, I really enjoy watching you! I can't wait for the next video! ;D

  30. Yess finally I was waiting for so long🎉🎉🎉

  31. Kaizoku cards are dope but should let people know he wants a grip for em. Quality tho

  32. Been playing against a friend of mine who uses katakuri exclusively and it's rough with Ace lol. Still learning the matchup though.

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