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OP06 Pre-Release Guide! | One Piece Card Game

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  1. Should I buy Zoro for around 25€ each or is it overpriced?

  2. U have to pay the cost the card says so if u have to pay a sky pirate then it has to be a sky pirate there is no card that I know of that has to pay a colour

  3. Not all places would play in sealed format, there would be stores that would be played in constructive format

  4. As an Fyi Its not the bold writing that makes something a mandatory payable cost its the colon so aramaki you do have to trash a card and bottom deck a card to activate the effect. i also think that is just a fan translated card not the offical which will have the text in bold as to avoid confusion

  5. I don't think all cards in a deck are treated as red if your leader is red. This is according to the rules I have found online that state:

    Special Game Rules:

    In sealed format games, players can ignore deck colour requirements based on their leader.

    Example: Ordinarily with the red starter deck ST01-001 Monkey D.Luffy as your leader, you would be restricted to only having red cards in your deck, however in sealed format you can use cards of any colour in your deck, even though your leader is only red. All other card text restrictions still apply as normal, including effects listed on leaders when specifying names or colours of cards.0

    Example 1: With your leader as OP01-060 “Donquixote Doflamingo”, you may only search for [The Seven Warlords of the Sea] type Character cards when triggering his ability

    Example 2: When using the ability of OP01-067 “Crocodile” “Blue Event cards in your hand cost 1 less to play” would only apply to Blue Event cards – This would not apply to Event cards of other colours.

  6. Never been in a pre release event. So you can bring as many leaders as you want? I thought you can only choose 1 that you are going to use for the whole event.

  7. How about op06 leaders… I suppose you can pick them only if you pull them, right (We cannot use proxies for leaders?)

  8. What about Purple Kaido .. 5/5000 with a finisher effect.. whats your thougts on him?

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