OPENING 1st ED BURNING SHADOWS #burningshadows #pokemontcg #pokemoncards #pokemoncardopening -

OPENING 1st ED BURNING SHADOWS #burningshadows #pokemontcg #pokemoncards #pokemoncardopening

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  1. Do you sell burning shadows packs?

  2. The pull rates suck for burning shadows. Also the scissors make me nervous 😂😂

  3. AlwYs flexing on us mr lol
    Go ahead enjoy your pride 😂

  4. Weren't you gonna keep all your first print burners sealed?

  5. I have that card gold charizard GX charizard is sill rainbow

  6. How would you know if there 1st edition packs though, just asking bc my burning shadows rainbow rare chard GX came from a $15 pokemon tin from Walgreens. I got super lucky pulling it like that

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