Opening Pokémon cards first pack luck| Pokémon money game -

Opening Pokémon cards first pack luck| Pokémon money game

Pokemon card openings
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  1. I'm a YouTuber who opens pokémon cards in Japan.and,I glad that Pokemon is popular with foreigners❣️

  2. How do you put your camera/phone ( I use phone) in that position to record I don’t want to show my face when unboxing cards

  3. i like how the title says "pokemon money game"

  4. Burn you said the last card was 20$ but profit is 16

  5. I just wanna know how in these videos they always know the exact price of different unique Pokémon cards.
    Somebody please reply to this
    comment because I just need to know

  6. Bruh stop worrying about making money just enjoy the cards ;-;

  7. I got alot a luck I was new to Pokemon a year ago 2020 and my first Pokemon onix today its wrinkled but a good memory and I opened decks got a Tauros gx mewto gx and Glaceon V and another v I forgot the name and I got more cards

  8. Hi I wanted to know how u know the price of those cards

  9. You kinda spoiled it from the beginning but still cool

  10. Sell it and then get more packs maybe you have 🍀luck🍀

  11. First one I got in chilling reign (the only one) I got a reverse holo froslass
    Then when I opened my first evolving sky’s I got golden shiny froslass

  12. First pack and he gets a F.A.T

  13. Please stop acting like you’re a pro Pokémon opener. You’re like 6 years old

  14. In my first pack I got an ex and I was freaking out and then I scanned it and it was only like 5 cents looking back on that I feel stupid. I have been collecting for a little bit more than five years now

  15. This man is a memer the pack cost 4.20 dollars this is the best card opener ever

  16. Cool he posted the price of each cards.
    The question is: will anyone even buy those cards at that price???
    Cause if not, they’re still worth nothing.

  17. Bruh over here in dubai it costs 19 DHS Wich is 5.17 USD

  18. What do you mean like I have a tupukoko card and it's 170 hp and it is a GX

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