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Our 5 Favourite New Card Games in 2021!

Shut Up & Sit Down
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0:59 The Crew
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3:02 Oriflamme
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5:50 Oriflamme: Ablaze
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6:28 Fantasy Realms
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18:15 Regicide



  1. Yay we back to the traditional multiple people in the vids again. Can't wait till we get some huge and heathy euro game

  2. +1 for the Neutral Milk Hotel reference.

  3. During the Fantasy Realms section around 8:30 was an Age of Mythology tune playing subtlety in the background? It gave me quite the wipelash as I frantically checked those nearby me for someone cheakily playing it in the library.

  4. Quinns took the words right out of my mouth hats off to the makers of regicide! Amazing to see a new spin on the standard playing card deck.

  5. You shouldn't be supporting Regicide after all the Gaming Goat drama from their owner.

  6. I got Fantasy Realms back when SU&SD's podcast covered it a month or so ago, and it's been a big hit for pretty much every audience I've tried it with. The fact that it's an extremely self evident teach that only needs a few sentences and a basic knowledge of how to add and multiply to understand makes it really take off.

  7. I cant take regicides recomendation seriously considering the association with an obvious and openly hateful white supremicist. I hope this game can crawl away from the shade of that bigoted rock. Seriously, you guys need to be aware of this if you arent already. At this point, its like associating with hitlers baby birthed by ben shapiro.

  8. Max Gland is the next Cal Chuchesta

  9. Someone call the police! They're in the same building as each other! (JK)

  10. I don't know about Royal Visit, man. I mean, depicting and anachronistic monarchic system which is based on strict social castes, unequality and privilege by birth instead of an entertainment district in Hamburg is quite.. "problematic", don't you think? Alas, maybe you just didn't notice it. We have all much to learn.

  11. the first minute of this made me uncomfortable.

  12. Consider reviewing dust biters, a 21 card game made by videogame designers and a mad max theme.

  13. All the card games this year have been beaten by a standard deck of cards?

  14. Im working on a card game if anyone is interested

  15. Don't worry Tom, by putting your account in a video, you're about to have more friends than you could possibly want!

  16. I was genuinely excited to see the top 5 cards of 2021

  17. None of my friends are willing to play The Crew.

  18. Before the Pando, my work team and I would play games at lunch… and during boring meetings. And while we were supposed to be coding… so when we got locked away in our houses, we got really sad.

    Board Game Arena has opened us up to games we hadn't played before and now our entire organization has a weekly lunch meeting to play games on Friday on BGA. Some games are more fun to play there than in real life – like Splendor, for example. They just added Sheep Boom-bah, which is still in beta, but is REALLY fun.

    And they have games that are just kinda fun, I guess, but I wouldn't actually buy in the real – Lucky Numbers is one of those. It's a great time killer, but it's not fun enough to actually have to organize a game with other people.

    The site isn't perfect, and neither is playing with strangers, but it's REALLY good, and the premium service (which one of your gaming party should buy so you can create tables) is 24 euro bucks per year. Honestly, if you game more than once a month, you won't find a better deal as far as entertainment per money unit.

  19. 14:29 Quinns this is a family show! 😆

    PS: The return of Max Gland was hilarious. SU&SD have the best running jokes…

  20. Im here for the acting…lmao

  21. Regicide is an exceptional game, and the Badgers from Mars version is first class!

  22. There is no such thing as problematic art. If someone wanted to design something a certain way they can. It's for the individual artist to design not the society to punish his or her for their views.

  23. Where can I get one of those Board Games jumpers? Not seeing it on the SUSD merch page.

  24. How did you get it to look like Tom was in Quinn's house? That's amazing visual effects, especially when it looks like he touches the table and stuff.

  25. You guys prove it once more : SU&SD reviews with two members of the team are even better 🙂

  26. I comment the same thing on every video, but Tom really is just great, isn't he.

  27. So Regicide is the expansion DLC to hit video game series pokeman, The Crown Tundra, where you beat up a series of grumpy Regis?

    (I'll see myself out)

  28. Royal visit might be the first game to make me go "fwwwaaaa" out loud after seeing the card art

  29. A lot of the Leisure Games UK buy links are broken (probably as they don't have pages for those games)

  30. Can we have Quinns and Matt back together? Tom's energy creeps me out.

  31. Love the subtle touch of Tom still saying Eleven Archers.

  32. …but what if I want to see your 5 Favourite Cards?

  33. I really Shut up and sit down but I never once worried about "male gaze" or if a card game was "problematic"

    Every woman in my play group wants to play the "hot chick" in the game that you call "problematic" in most of your reviews.

  34. Love the chemistry here! Bravo guys! Keep the gold coming!

  35. king of carrot flowers… is that a quote from neutral milk hotel?

  36. I see Oriflame. I think about sleeves. I'll pass.

  37. This was one of my favorite sketches (is it ok to call it that? I'm not trying to say you're like SNL…) and quite informative. I'm glad to see BGA growing. I have a premium membership and love using the venue to learn new games (sometimes adding them to my collection later). Perhaps one day we will meet in a game room….where wil lose terribly.

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