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Our Bottom 5 Investigators 2022 (Arkham Horror: The Card Game)

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We’re here for our yearly tradition of sharing our 5 least favourite investigators. How have our opinions changed over the year?

2021 List:
2020 List:

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  1. All of Bryn's picks are like top 5 best investigators.

  2. I don’t get the hate towards core set Skids. You guys are playing him wrong. He is the tank. Use him to peel for Mystics and Seekers.

  3. I dont have true survivor. Is stella without true survivor not that overpowered?

  4. Wow Stella is maybe my favorite investigator. Just shows how varied this game is that she would be on someone’s least favorite list. Especially when the reason for not liking her is that she’s good lol

  5. What level of Patreon subscriber is needed to see Travis play Jenny Barnes? She's my favorite. 😆

  6. Hey guys, i know it might be a bold request, but i would be greateful for a begginers guide on which campains/scenarios play first and which ones last. For eg. Forgotten age is a 3rd campain, but i've read that it is far from a begginer friendly

  7. A friend of mine loved Jim Culver's trumpet so much that he played 2 copies of scavenging in case it ever got milled/discarded, throughout an entire campaign he recovered the trumpet ONCE and then had to discard it due to a treachery card.

    In the final mission, he downright killed himself trying to play the thing…….

  8. Great list – I sadly added Finn to my list this year, after he seemed revolutionary when he came out; I keep wanting him to be Trish or if purely evade (TFA) Rita, both now outclass him. 😢

  9. Suggestion for a Stella Taboo: Decrease the number of neither rain nor snow depending in the difficulty Level: 3 on easy, 2 on Standard and so on.

  10. Stella is basically the Mary Sue that some staff writer cooked up with and won't let go. In her AH3 incarnation she can spend a specific focus type to succeed … i.e. "literally pass a test at will." And as you pointed out, she's just kinda effortlessly plowing through the game with a stale set of cards … much like some fan fiction writer couldn't stand to see their precious baby lose a game.

    Plus her backstory is bland as all hell, like a middleschool student's creepy pasta. "and she decided her name was the same name as mysterious letters from a forlorn house … ooooooo." (obviously that makes no sense. she had a given name, use that damned name – not the name some paranatural stalker is giving you) It's not even an interesting trope like the gangster, student, explorer, or orphan, or discount-matt-murdock-style-gangster-punching-boxer – MAILMAN. It also doesn't tie into any INTERESTING mythos – not like zhan's crazy violin melodies, or sexy sailor's innsmouth blood, or the priest getting attacked by killer snakes … MAIL MAN.

    … also, my brother and I played Jazz back in the day, and we can't get over "Jim is freakin' Winton Marsalis but spooky" every time we play any Arkham game he's in. lol so that's an additional negative on him for us.

  11. I just bought the revised core box yesterday and played the first mission, loved it. I’m playing Roland banks and daisy walker.

    What expansion would you suggest next after the core to expand these decks and new missions?

  12. Another insightful list vid. Keep up the good work, folks!

  13. As it happens, I don't like investigators with fancy abilities. For me Jenny is one of the favourites and she always gets taken on blind runs through new campaigns.

  14. Random but “Cast a Deadly Spell” is an awesomely bizarre movie that has VERY similar themes to Arkham Files

  15. My bottom 5 investigators,

    #5 Gloria Goldberg

    #4 Rex Murphy

    #3 Norman Withers

    #2 Stella Clark

    #1 Luke Robinson

    Seekers and Mystics are a snooze fest. Luke is especially egregious because Seekers and Mystics should just die if an enemy spawns on them, him being completely unconcerned about enemies is BS.

  16. When you choose the nun you actually get enrolled into the convent with her have fun.

  17. Whilst also not one of my favorite characters, i dont think parallel daisy is just straight up weaker, as you do get access to astronomical atlas, which is a LOT stronger in a primarily yellow investigator.. having 4 ways to double up on deductions is insane and the extra draw it gives makes up for the (imo) generally weaker ability… being so reliant on a single card is kinda boring though from my experience

  18. Jim feels relatively better when your group uses hard modifiers: skulls for everyone else are practically auto fails (-6 or worse), while for Jim, they’re syphon an extra clue with Sixth Sense and are a safe token from Olive.

  19. Jim Skullver, my sweet prince. Why must you haunt us so. .

    Skids O’Foole

  20. Stella is designed to be used exactly with cards that come with her starter deck, and that's it. As soon as you start making even the tiniest tweaks, she's immediately in the OP territory.

  21. On the Mythos Busters podcast, Maxine hinted that the next taboo list update will change Lola. Increasing health/sanity probably won't be enough. Mattastrophic has a version that lets her commit skill cards outside her role that's a possibility.

  22. I like Sister Mary Elephant because I get to pretend that Shrivelling is a sonic elephant trumpet blast that disintegrates enemies out of existence.

  23. Btw regarding Skids being not fun to play – I remembered the sad story of Mark Bigney from SWAG. For people who don't follow the SWAG guys, they routinely like to crap all over FFG games, but for some reason – probably because fans kept annoying them – Mark decided to give AH LCG a try. Now the fun starts: for some insane reason the people he played with stuck him with starter deck Skids. Yay. Then one of the first encounter cards he draws is Frozen in Fear. And then – and here's the kicker – NOONE HELPS HIM GET RID OF IT FOR THE REST OF THE GAME. Now you can just imagine what his final thoughts about the game were.

    My conspiracy theory is someone really really wanted him to have the absolute worst experience you can have with this game. 🙂

  24. Yeah, I love Stella, but at my table she's only allowed one "neither rain nor snow"

  25. Love Sister Mary. Mostly because a) most cards are more funny when used by her B) I enjoy getting into character and really praying when I draw a token.

  26. Jim can be made a good character if you add 2 minor buffs to him:
    1) Give his trumpet the Permanent keyword so he always has it
    2) Add an extra skull token to the bag at start
    These simple changes make him a decent character to play.

  27. Sounds like we need some other lists – Top 5 OP Investigators, Top 5 Always Teetering On the Edge Of Disaster And Therefore Fun To Play Investigators

  28. I turn a year older, and another entry into one of my favorite gaming series. Good job list guys!

  29. I think "Skids" O'Toole is the only investigator that can run "Well maintained"(1), "Joey "The Rat" Vigil"(3) and "Old Shotgun"(2), which is an infinite loop for +1 resource.
    I do think this is pure jank, because you both need a reliable way to assemble the piece, and a deck that can use infinite resources when you do.
    It might still be an Idear for "bryn's madhouse" 🙂

  30. I've actually played a parallel Daisy deck which was a blast (if you like having dumb amounts of assets). The idea was simply to have a massive amount of tomes, play Geared Up, and level into True Magick to use the incredible willpower stat you end up with. I thought it would be ok at best, but it was honestly shockingly consistent, especially if you take Studious and level 2 Backpack ASAP to help Geared Up (In the Thick of It is really good to start with Studious immediately). The seeker level 3 Scroll of Secrets (taboo version) can then be used to stack your deck and you'll never be at risk of drawing any weaknesses, which makes you super efficient in the investigation phase.

  31. I disagree about Monterey Jack’s ability. How often during a scenario do you need to draw a card or gain a resource? At the same time how often are you sitting on the same location for the whole scenario? Especially with a lot of newer cards like eon chart, scout ahead, nimble, or p profana. You can easily run a big hand deck if you want to do something different or run level zero green cards based on big money decks.

  32. Travis and Bryn got it wrong. Lola doesn't need a 17 point plan to be good. You need just a couple of things: 1. You are very cold. 2. You have a match. Voila! You can now warm your hands for a few seconds and you don't feel bad about the card you just lost!

  33. I think we may be missing the point when it comes to Lola. When you're playing on standard difficulty with 2 players, just add third into the mix and let him/her use Lola. Suddenly it becomes hard instead of standard difficulty, as you have an investigator that pulls you down in every scenario. She's difficulty lvl shifter.

  34. No but for real. If you follow this recipe for baked ziti, you'll have a great lola deck

  35. The moment I used Neither Rain Nor Snow on Boundary Beyond's agenda flip cemented my opinion that its icons and being 3x copies were a mistake, lol

  36. 5-Lola. I don’t want to put Lola down here, but she’s just no fun.
    4-Preston, because he’s a millionaire and I’m not.
    3-Luke Robinson, because that’s my Brother In law’s exact name, and I do NOT get along with that guy.
    2-parallel Daisy. No way I’m paying $7 for that mess. I’ll just play core set Daisy.
    1-Harvey, because I’m not buying a whole starter deck just to play that guy. I’ll just play Core Set Daisy.
    Honorable(?) mention to the five investigators in TFA, none of them really move me in any significant way.

  37. What do yall think about the hinted at morbius investigator who is supposed to be a rival to Charlie Kane and activate a parallel vampire hunter mode and morbin mode

  38. Tony is very good at what he does, but 90% of the time what he does doesn't win you the game; it's just glorified encounter-deck management. Being good at stuff-that-doesn't-win should not be evaluated in the same way as being good at stuff-that-wins (90% of the time, getting lots of clues, which is why Seekers are so inherently powerful regardless of any overpowered cards). I also disagree with the idea that most Rogue guns are "balanced" around 3-fist. This is true of the high-xp big guns (Chicago Typewriter and Beretta M1918), but the small weapons are much more balanced around, well, *sucking*. They're generally just worse than Guardian small-weapons (or even Mystic fight-spells), and are more "balanced" around the idea that you should have to jump through multiple hoops to make them work, as is the Rogue way. (Tony's downsides are also pretty major — you really can't discount having 2 terrible defensive stats and such tiny sanity. It's also not uncommon for his weakness to be Ancient Evils.)

    In fairness, Tony is one of my favorite investigators, so maybe I'm just biased. (And Tony can be built with decent get-clues-too packages.) But at the same time I routinely see people oversell the power of things-that-aren't-the-most-important-thing-in-the-game (cluegetting), and undersell the inherent power of just having 5+ book and being able to effortlessly progress the game (to the degree that they can afford to draw twice as many encounter cards and discover twice as many clues in order to have another investigator sit around twiddling their thumbs until an occasional enemy shows up for them to dispatch, and still do well). Tony is efficient at what he does, but that should be normal for non-clue-getting activities. People that are efficient at clue-getting are a vast tier above that in terms of raw power, and far more dangerous to the game.

  39. Honestly a huge part of the "bustedness" of Neither Rain nor Snow is really just Resourceful being an inherently busted card that probably shouldn't exist as it does. True Survivor->Resourceful loops are also probably a thing that should just not exist. Changing Neither Rain nor Snow to a 1-of instead of a 3-of only dilutes/weaken those loops, it doesn't actually stop them from existing and being unhealthy for the game.

    Resourceful could easily just be level 0 cards and still be great (or some similar restriction, like 0-1 — I heard someone call it "Survivor Sleight of Hand" and they're not wrong). True Survivor could easily remove itself from the game and still be a reasonable card.

    I've often thought "Neither Rain nor Snow should've had negative icons" but that would just make it MORE powerful, due to Grisly Totem (Survivor-3) looping, and of course not needing to find another way to get your bonus action if used on yourself.

    (Although FWIW, I've found the most powerful/fun use of Neither Rain nor Snow to be to save teammates from negative consequences.)

  40. Did you guys hear the Charlie Kane investigator reveal on the Mythos Busters podcast? His deck building would let you play him as a vampire hunter.

  41. Hey what card were you referring to when you mentioned "succeed by 2, heal a horror" instead of Lucky Cigarette Case for Tony Morgan?

  42. I can’t help but feel like ll Daisy would be more popular if it didn’t have Daisy’s name. If the text were moved to a new investigator, perhaps Agatha Crane, it would simply be a different character but similar investigator.

    As it is, people see it and think “I don’t get a free action anymore”, which is almost always old book of lore anyways. At that point, I feel like you should just be playing Mandy anyways.

    I’m sure the next expansion will have some cards that help her, like we saw in EotE.

  43. wait Jaqueline is too strong? I thought you always ranked her pretty low.
    I always liked Jaqueline

  44. 10:11 This would be weird: what if ALL investigators from TSK were neutral, not just Charlie?

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