Padres vs. Mets Wild Card Game 3 Highlights (10/9/22) | MLB Postseason Highlights -

Padres vs. Mets Wild Card Game 3 Highlights (10/9/22) | MLB Postseason Highlights

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Padres vs. Mets full game highlights from 10/9/22

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  1. Narco trumpets get your sad trombones ready!

  2. It's crazy how Kim's 3BB is basically going unrecognized. He scored 3 runs out of the total 6 points, where his patience at batting paid off with actual results.

  3. It’s California vs New York. Who do you want to win?

    Nah I’m good.

  4. There is some sticky stuff up his nose they missed. Have a nice vacay NY, yer done.

  5. We miss Juan Soto in D.C. but I am so glad to see him continue stepping up in big moments, especially against the Mets.

  6. Mets just cursed themselves and they don’t even know it. Never do what they did unless you got some evidence.

  7. How ironic is it that the trumpets are what ended the Mets season

  8. It would be awesome to see both teams show up in their city connect uniforms for the NLDS.
    The Padres turning up in their fast food employee uniforms and the Dodgers rolling up in their grandpas' pajamas uniforms.

  9. Everyone in San Diego is hyped! You can feel it in the air! You could hear people cheering from their houses! LETS GO PAD’S! 🤎💛

  10. I think that we can all agree that Steve Cohen is a failure.

  11. I'm wondering, were the Fox microphones picking up a lot of foul background noise? Just wondering because I watched this whole series and every game the audio would cut out for a few seconds throughout the entire game. Right now I'm watching Phi vs Atl on Fox and no audio cut outs.

  12. 떡대 미쳤다, 투수가 강력해지려면 공을 보이지 않게 뿌리는 것이 중요하다

  13. Go Padres. Get Hader a ring. He'd never get one here in Milwaukee.

  14. Im sure all mets fans are asking this…..what exactly is the thumbs down button for?

  15. Hey Mets Fans. How About Them Phillies! See you next year.

  16. The Mets should be ashame of themselves, only one hit in game #3. And all three games were played in Shea Stadium (🏟). So much for home field advantage. Now the Mets and their fans can watch the rest of the playoffs on television (📺).

  17. Tatiz te esperamos eres el único que ase falta

  18. Took a couple days to cope but now I calmed down lol. What can I say? We were out-pitched, out-managed, and flat out overmatched by a scary padres team. The Mets are a joke. I’m saying this as a Mets fan ofc. There has to be a curse at this point because if feels like after June every year, we get dumber. We get worse. We can’t win plain and simple. I’ve had my fair share of heartbreaks but this one stings the most. 100 wins, 10.5 game lead blown and a ONE HITTER game in a winner take all. Don’t want to be too hyperbolic but DeGrom, pls you deserve better. Don’t come back. Get your money. Matter of a fact, sign with the Phillies so you can torch us all year. And Diáz is the only other player that I’m not mad at this year. Yeah he gave up two runs in game 3 but what else do you expect to happen? A dominant season nonetheless. Thanks again Mets for absolutely ruining postseason baseball for me. Good luck to the Yankees as a New York fan. P.S: If I see another random concert at in a MID SEASON GAME, I’m moving on to the marlins.

  19. So Met fans where your Mets at🤣LMAO. Come on it's nothing new that's their regular every year. Though I'll give them just an inch of props they had a decent regular season. But I keep saying it they don't belong in NYC. Theirs only one high power baseball team in NYC. You know. LET'S GO YANKEES BABY…

  20. It's COLD in October….. especially with night games. Mets just decided to stay warm.and relax until the spring. Then they'll burn it up again next summer before slowing down in the cooler weather and again decide it's too cold for baseball in October

  21. Omg how pathetic weren’t the Mets being toxic saying they were gonna win a World Series

  22. I warned them I said they weren’t going to the World Series if they have to face cardinals or another team

  23. Padres are a playoff team it’s pretty obvious they may not be a regular season but playoffs makes them dangerous

  24. It felt good seeing the Mets lose after the bush league check on Musgrove

  25. Lindor says in commercial We got now…uhhh, maybe he wasn't talking about ML BASEBALL🤔💕

  26. Pete Alonso is such a little baby. Elbowing Profar in the back after that single? What a poor sport.

  27. Still funny musgrove was pitching so good they resorted to getting the umps to check him💀

  28. 5:35 Mets fans must hate Grisham lol magically turned into an Allstar

  29. The best game ever San Diego Padres and fan Group win on the Road

  30. Aka, the game that broke the Mets

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