Panthers vs. Saints | NFL Wild Card Game Highlights -

Panthers vs. Saints | NFL Wild Card Game Highlights

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The Carolina Panthers take on the New Orleans Saints during Wild Card Weekend of the 2017 NFL Postseason.

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  1. How tf did the saints the falcons and the panthers make the playoffs

  2. here i am two years later watching these highlights…and i can’t believe they made that intentional grounding call on the panthers brenton bersin was right there

  3. i’m watching this because this was the closest they had to the playoffs since 2015

  4. how was 13:20 not interface he held him back and never looked at the ball.

  5. Anyone come back to watch the panthers get screwed out of a playoff game??? If your a saints fan the past 3 years just turn on any NFL media show and you can see it on replay but somehow this game was never talked about after it was over 😂 no intentional grounding and a missed pi. Two plays in a row….not mentioned ever again. With all the "boo hoo we got screwed again by the refs" I had to come see this again 😂

  6. At 2:46 they missed a flag the person at the top that was a panther was holding

  7. First drive cam threw a perfect pass and no catch for a TD -_-

  8. I totally forgot about that half ass catch attempt by funchess at the end of the game. That still makes me mad.

  9. I am a Saints fan and if you are a Saints say that the Panthers are garbage.

  10. I didn't hear that Kanye West Power song on TV

  11. So Graham Gano can seriously make a 58 yard field goal but miss a 25 yard

  12. If he made the first field goal and panther made a field goal to win it 32-31

  13. This game is for all the Cam Newton haters. Despite the loss, he played impeccably.

  14. 1:24 is the perfect example of Cam throwing too hard. It seems like an easy catch until you realize this big strong armed QB threw it with NO touch at all lol

  15. Man they always jinx brees on a sack

    “Defense hasn’t be able to get much pressure”
    “They haven’t sacked him today yet”
    drew immediately gets sacked

  16. I think it’s safe to say if Gano didn’t miss that field goal at the beginning Panthers would’ve won

  17. FIRE DENNIS ALLEN NOW !!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  18. A date with the Vikings? We know what that “date” was

  19. Funchess needs to catch that last ball. Unbelievable. This game happened 3 years ago and I still am livid at funchess not catching that. Unacceptable. Once again we lose because of our receivers. It’s sad that a tight end can catch better that our receivers. Olsen is the goat tho

  20. 13:41 what's funny is I think maybe thats what the jets were going for against the raiders except they brought the house and brought a safety 😂

  21. “Just found out his wife is in labor and I need to tell him!”

    Announcer: “That’s interesting” cricket noises continues commentary as if nothing was said 😂😂😂

  22. Top 10 videos taken before disaster struck. (From a Saints fan btw)

  23. Who else forgot the panthers were in the playoffs this year

  24. 1:45 This was one of Brees last deep balls that had any semblance of a zip on it.

  25. This will be the buccaneers next Sunday. 0-3 on a season.

  26. After this year Drew started declining

  27. Panthers fans Only if we had the receivers of today to replace these receivers this game 🤦🏾‍♂️

  28. We've never been the same since this game 🙁


  30. Imagine if Gano makes that field goal earlier

  31. Now that we have good receivers Cam gets injured and we get rid of him 😔

  32. why is a running back better than nearly every single WR (not TE) on this team, giving away ginn was a horrible move.

  33. You could tell that Joe Buck and Troy Aikman always root against the Saints. Just listen to the tones of their voices when the other team makes a plan or scores a touchdown

  34. ngl know that i watch this game over and over again i realize if we had that same defensive energy and offense as well we would've won this game

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