Panthers vs. Saints | NFL Wild Card Game Highlights -

Panthers vs. Saints | NFL Wild Card Game Highlights

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The Carolina Panthers take on the New Orleans Saints during Wild Card Weekend of the 2017 NFL Postseason.

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  1. Pathers will win against the sansts this year

  2. You know, Panthers vs Saints is ALWAYS a good game idc what you say. Yeah the Panthers got swept. It’s a new year, it’s a new season. Can’t wait until December 17, And December 30. GAME TIME BABY

  3. it's funny how the commentators ain't say s*** about that holding on funchess

  4. If you think about it that missed field goal cost us the game because if he didn't miss then it would have been 29-31 on the last drive and we could have kicked a field goal to win 32-31.

  5. Gano can hit from 58 but not 25? makes sense

  6. Opening Drives:
    When you see the Panthers' struggling offense on their opening drive with over 5 highlight plays and then see Brees throw across the whole field to Ted Ginn for a touchdown.

  7. Maybe Cam should try B-ball dog, G, money, blood. Mark

  8. Cam needs an offensive line that can match or surpass the Saints D.

  9. I really wished panthers would have won that game!!!!!

  10. That Panthers player should have caught the final pass in the endzone!!

  11. I was pissed. Lol i thought they had them. What the hell was he doing with that last td pass. He jumped up for no reason and run enough to the ball.

  12. As a Saints fan watching this game end again after a year, I forgot how many times Carolina settled for a field goal. They could easily have won if they just executed better in the red zone. Anyways, this was a great, entertaining game.

  13. awesome game cant wait to see a rematch!

  14. I hate Drew Bree's lets go Vikings score 29 24

  15. jesus give cam drew brees line that year and give brees ours see what the outcome in panthers got the best oline this year in the divison with a healthy cam watch us work 2015 all over again but this time different results…

  16. Lol gano missing kicks when it matters most again hate that we rely on him in big moments

  17. Cam Newton reminds me so much of Steve McNair it’s not even funny

  18. Situational football, Adams should have knocked it down and save his team 20+ yards


  20. This was one of the best games from Brees I've ever seen.

  21. Watching this is so damn painful. Cam was playing at an MVP level in this game, literally throwing guys open all game long. The opening sequence was just back-breaking: Clay (currently a free agent because he had no business being in the NFL in the first place) drops a perfectly thrown ball in the endzone, Gano misses a chipshot fg, and then Ginn (who we refused to pay a deserved raise to) burns us with a long td. Despite all of this, Cam still somehow managed to give us a shot to win.

  22. Joe Buck is just the absolute worst. "Ginn. Caught. Inside the 30. The former panther. Touchdown New Orleans."

  23. Panthers should have won this game they outplayed the saints.

  24. 13:21 Funchess is good but how do you not catch that? Most likely wins the game for the Panthers

  25. If Gano makes his first kick, Carolina doesn’t need a td on the final drive.

  26. I love when my Saints play the Panthers. Great healthy competition.

  27. Marcus is liking your comments on the slot.

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