Patriots vs. Bills Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2021 -

Patriots vs. Bills Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2021

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  1. The play by Hyde gives me goosebumps!!!

  2. Still satisfying to watch. Couldn't happen to a better team and fanbase!

  3. High time the Bills finally returned the favor. Only took 20 years.

  4. This game is similar to when Goku (Bills) turn super sayian for the first time and whips friezas (Patriots) ass. If your a DBZ fan you’ll understand lol. So satisfying to watch as a bills fan.

  5. What’s scary about this even though the Bills didn’t win the Super Bowl is that Josh Allen is just getting started. Fans laughed at him when he got drafted and said this has to be the worst pick in Bills history. Well that didn’t age too well because he is just an absolute stud..

  6. Always nice to see New England lose big, after all those years beating up Buffalo.

  7. This game is insane, every single Bills possession ended in a touchdown, Punter and kicker sat out the entire game. The bills never had a 4th down, if they even got a 3rd down they succeeded in getting a 1st down every single time. No Fieldgoals, no Turnovers, no interceptions, no fumbles. A perfect offensive game for the bills.

  8. This the game I believe that was the decision to let Levi walk

  9. Josh allen Was ABSOLUTELY MASTERFUL….you can just hear it in th3 announcers vouce

  10. Anyone see that block / hear the block by Gilliam at 615

  11. Addison got blocked to space by Mac Jones at 9;40 lol

  12. Looking back at this, that Micah Hyde pick changed the whole game totally. The pats were looking good on that particular drive and I thought for sure that was a touchdown. I still have no idea how Hyde got that but it deserves more credit Bc it totally changed the game and we were non stop after that.

  13. I'm going to have fun watching this film for years to come. Buffalo Bills forever.

  14. Wow let's go patriots I like football so much It's spectacular

  15. I have never seen a defense be so unathletic and slow in my life. Bill B should be ashamed for how his defense performed! Its one thing to lose the game sometimes you cant win them all but its another to not allow a single punt from the other team in two straight games that is just the epitome of horrendous football and coaching.

  16. The Hyde interception in the end zone was one of the best I’ve seen.

  17. The syperbowl doesn't count as post season? 28 3

  18. I was so happy when this happened…to see Belichick get his ass handed to him.

  19. We have been Belif**ked for years, how does payback feel now Bill.

  20. Not one single team will be able to stop Allen and that offense this year, way too many weapons, way too much talent to try and stop..

  21. I was at this game, row 2, right on the 50 yard line. Still one of the best sports experiences of my life. Bills Mafia, now and forever.

  22. The entire games is essentially one big highlight reel

  23. Patriots were the anti-champ this playoff. The champ has all Ws in their line through the playoffs. The anti-champ starts a line of all Ls (Pats lose to Bills lose to Chiefs lose to Bengals lose to Rams).


  25. To everyone who wasn’t aware, the temperature was 5 degrees out 🥶

  26. the bills just annihilated the patriots.

  27. And just like that the bills turned into the patriots and patriots turned into bills😂😂😂😂

  28. That Hyde Pick might be one of the best Picks I've ever seen. They don't show actually how far he came across the field for it..Crazy good

  29. atleast we made it to the po with a dam rookie qb 💯🔥 patriots for life, mac jones time to shine

  30. Patriots resigned JC Jackson, drafted Nakobe Dean, and added a stud pass rusher in free agency, so that should help close the gap.
    Oh, wait……, that's not right. They let Jackson go, drafted Curtis Strange, and are counting on bench players to step up and be starters. 😂

  31. Josh Allen should be arrested. Cause he murdered the Patriots. Let’s go Buffalo! Glad to see the Bills get revenge for two decades of hardship.

  32. Damn Reggie Gilliam throwing big time blocks

  33. Mitch Morse is a criminally under rated center

  34. The Patriots were on top every year[seemingly], and it's like watching the Yankees blow it in the playoffs every year, you never get tired of watching the Patriots get torched[unless you're a New England fan!]. As a Bears fan, my only vicarious pleasure in football is watching the Packers blow it every year.

  35. Ahhh… the greatest sports event of ALL-TIME (for us Bills fans). This TREMNDOUS JOY was the culmination of decades of pain.

  36. At 10:10 notice how he doesnt even celebrate. His teammate tries to hype him up but realizes that everybody is already done.

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