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Thanks for watching how to play the card game Hearts! Here are a few key things to remember:

-You do not want to collect any heart cards unless you can get them all.

-Collecting all of the hearts and the queen of spades is called shooting the moon. You earn zero points for doing this and everyone else earns 26 points.

-A player cannot lead with hearts until hearts have been broken. This happens when someone cannot follow suit, and they play a heart card.

-The queen of spades can be played at any time. She is worth 13 points, and she does not count as a heart during the game.

Here is a fun alternative rule:
– If you shoot the moon, you can choose to give everyone else 26 points, or you can choose to subtract 26 points from your score.


  1. I've made an own game that's basically the opposite of hearts. It's called diamonds.In the Deck the cards 2-5 are taken out. For 4 players 9 cards are dealt to each and for 3 players 12 cards each. Passing over cards is taken out.Trick taking is basically the same: But the 6 of clubs starts. The Hearts are trump. And the diamonds need to be broken to lead a trick.The main difference is in the points at the end of the round. People want to get the points because the first one to get 100 wins.Every trick is worth 1 point. Every diamond (except the queen) is worth 2 points.Every Queen is worth 4 points as long as you have one.If you have more than one queen, each one of them is worth – 4 points.

  2. Great explanation video! Thank you!!

  3. There’s also shooting the sun: the player took every single trick in the round. He gets 0, and the rest get 52 points each.

  4. There’s also a rule that you missed. It’s that the queen of spades and hearts are not allowed in the first trick of any hand.

  5. This is a random question but for those of you who understand, which of you are here from Mr. Reeve’s math class? IYKYK🤣

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