Play PS2 games from a Memory Card? | MC2SIO | MX4SIO -

Play PS2 games from a Memory Card? | MC2SIO | MX4SIO

Macho Nacho Productions
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This memory card adaptor allows you to play your PS2 library from an SD card through the memory card slot! This is an incredible way to play PS2 games on original hardware. Where this adaptor really shines is when used with a slim model PS2 because those did not come with an expansion bay for an internal hard drive. The MC2SIO is based on work for the MX4SIO project and the results are amazing!


► So here’s what you will find in this video:
► 0:00 Intro
► 3:04 Project History and Features
► 4:37 How To Use Tutorial
► 6:42 How to Setup Free McBoot and OPL
► 13:17 Pros and Cons
► 15:26 Final Thoughts/Conclusion

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► PS2 Game Compatibility:
► Splitting Game Larger Than 4GB:

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  1. I have a couple questions what is the best way to put games on your PS2 the way I understand it is that there's three methods 1 using this memory card thing 2 using a flash drive 3 using your hard drive my question is which of these free is the best overall the cheapest or which gives you the best experience with your games with the least issues or no issues at all and makes it so it's exactly the same as if you put a disc in I believe my PS2 is the type that has a hard drive thing so would upgrading that hard drive be better or doing this or that which is the perfect option I do not own a PC but I own a PS3 and a PS4 and a PS2 and a bunch of other random consoles also I'm wondering is the PS2 even the best thing to do this type of emulation on would I be better off doing it on the PS4 or the PS3 but I'm searching for video game emulation methods that don't require you to jailbreak your device that way you won't have to worry about not having internet access and you'll still be able to play multiplayer and such and such so if anyone knows the answer to my question I would really appreciate it also another question if I bought this thing and couldn't figure out how to use it could I return it? because I know jack shit about how video game emulation works so far the only reason I'm able to play DS ROMs on my 3DS is because I bought AR for card off of Amazon which already did all the work for me already had games on there and already had the stuff that allows me to add more games and play said games and such the menu is kind of shit though but until I learned how to replace it with a different menu and make it my or four card all together I'm stuck with it so yeah basically is there any way that is cheap that someone like me can emulate all types of video games from a console not a PC and without having to learn that much and all possible from a 2012 Mac computer by that I mean that's what I've used to download and move the files onto either the flash drive the hard drive or the memory card whatever I'd use for whichever method is superior does anyone know the answer to this taxing question?

  2. Great Video but Sandisk SSD cards won't work in the current state

  3. It's so simple to set up…said no one under 29. I'm almost 60, an o.g. ( original gamer ) all this computer install, format, download, copy, paste, etc…is geek squeek to someone like me. Making this very inaccessible for me to use. looks and sounds great, just not a diy for certain

  4. Wow, waiting to see how this evolves. It doesn't appear to be compatible with GSM, so not much use to me just yet.

  5. Amazing Video and awesome content

    There is no need for OPL to be on 2 diferent places on the memory card as it uses extra space for no reason
    I think its enogh the one you put in the Boot folder
    At least I think so

    Keep up the good work


  6. This is very impressive, but unfortunately some of my favorite games, like Star Wars Battlefront, were on that list of incompatible games. I guess I'll hunt down a fat model PS2 and mod it with a hard drive instead.

  7. I'm seeing something similar or at least maybe the same thing on Amazon as well to buy is this the same thing like the people making it just put it on Amazon as well to get it sold more or not the original thing and is a scam?

  8. Dreamcast collection volume pack ps2 provide for sir

  9. So um….how do you use codebreaker on this…? x.x…have the devices i did all the set up
    ..but I'm interested in using gamebreaker. Thanks in advance

  10. Thanks Tito just ordered mine yesterday and used the code! Can not wait to play the ps2 for the very first time!

  11. I think helder was able to get the newest version of opl working . He's selling a 64 MB card now.

  12. will a 256gb sd card work ? or does it have to be 128gb?

  13. Helder rules. Currently using one of his mods on my xbox one controller analog sticks

  14. yeah i have an internal sd mod on my slim but this device good for those who dont have it

  15. I have the playstaion 2 slim 75001 model…you think it will work?

  16. Do I need a fmcb if the ps2 have a modchip installed?

  17. You don't need a Free Mcboot memory card. There is a DVD hack look it up. Alteast research before making videos, it is very popular hack too. Or are you just trying to sell the cards and decieving your audience.

  18. Great video I wish I was more tec savvy My favorite ps2 game. Lego starwars. 1and 2

  19. This would definitely help me to bring back to life my PS2 at least until I got its lens replaced

  20. can this be done on a fat ps2? my favorite game is NBA Street 2!

  21. Can you use it to play Sega Genesis games on it

  22. Gran Turismo three and four are my most favorite games

  23. If it possible to create a Free MacBoot card using swap magic?

  24. My favorite games for PS2 were MGS2, Shadow of the Colossus, FFX, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest VIII, and Gran Turismo 4.

  25. This could create a new life for consoles without a working disc drive, pretty cool

  26. Hi my name is Kevin favorite game for the PS2 marvel versus Capcom 2 midnight club double edition 3 remix Def jam fight for New York and vendetta NFL blitz NFL Street values 1 2 3 NBA Street values 1 2 3 mortal Kombat street fighters versus SNK and alpha Street fighter 3

  27. I just bought both memory cards because of this video. Thanks for the coupon dude

  28. Will it play compressed iso files? As in iso.gz?

  29. Cool device, sadly my parents sold the ps2 years ago (10+yrs)

  30. Where to get magic gate compatible ps2 memory card in 2022? outside if USA?

  31. You say to get a magic gate certified memory card like it's so easy. I can't find 1 for the life of me. I'm sad.

  32. My Best Game Ever.
    Final Fantasy XII
    Resident Evil 4
    Shinobido the way of Ninja
    Shadow of The Colosus
    Mario 64
    Alien Vs Predator Extinction
    Beat Down
    NFS Under Ground/most wanted!

  33. I bought the cards because of this video but have had nothing but problems, every game freezes after a while. I don't understand what the problem is.

  34. Awesome! I'll finally play Fatal Frame games since they are super expensive.

  35. Maximo is my fun favorite PS2 Game of all time.

  36. This is probably a great idea for the handheld portable creation community

  37. i own a lot of old consoles and stuff but i would highly recommend if you want to play old games but just don't want to have all your consoles out and stuff get launch box its very good and comes with retro arch already installed to play ps2 games and stuff you will have to get the ps2 bios but thats very easy to do you can download a bios pack with most of the ps2 bioses.

  38. What is with all these tutorials not having the files needed to follow? This is the third one where I'm unable to get what I need.

  39. A Sandisk SD Card does not work on this kit.

  40. Question is there a ps2 memory card that is already hacked? So that I can buy it because that would be much better to me

  41. Это бесполезная чушь

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