Play PS2 games from a Memory Card? | MC2SIO | MX4SIO -

Play PS2 games from a Memory Card? | MC2SIO | MX4SIO

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This memory card adaptor allows you to play your PS2 library from an SD card through the memory card slot! This is an incredible way to play PS2 games on original hardware. Where this adaptor really shines is when used with a slim model PS2 because those did not come with an expansion bay for an internal hard drive. The MC2SIO is based on work for the MX4SIO project and the results are amazing!


► So here’s what you will find in this video:
► 0:00 Intro
► 3:04 Project History and Features
► 4:37 How To Use Tutorial
► 6:42 How to Setup Free McBoot and OPL
► 13:17 Pros and Cons
► 15:26 Final Thoughts/Conclusion

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  1. I've been running into an issue with this. I followed your instructions, but when I select OPL I just get a black screen. Any ideas what could be the issue?

  2. Hi Tito greetings from Puerto Rico, I get my MX4SIO from aliexress it boot from CD fine but from DVD don't form example Auto modelista usa version, world heroes collection less than 4gb iso direct to the micro sd card won load up. I even tried to load from different micro sd brans same issues. any help.

  3. Have in mind that several games for ps2 actually requires original ps2 memorycard in order to save game .

  4. Anyone know how well the 30001 model works for this (in terms of game capability)? The sheet doesnt really say much abt this model.

  5. freemc boot is install on micro sd card?

  6. I can't see this working very effectively.
    The data read rate of a memory card I guess wouldn't be nearly as fast as a disc read rate, or if it were possible, be prepared for very long load times!

  7. Does anyone know of a mod for the 90000 series slims?

  8. My favorite ps2 game is Mgs 3 , spent many hours playing 🙂

  9. My favorite PS2 game has to be Champions of Norrath: Return to Arms. It tied in to the lore of EverQuest and had great hack n slash gameplay.

  10. I don't remand formatting USB drives and SD cards with F-Disk on Windows; Disk Unity on the MAC, or whatever tool the version of Linux or BSD you use has. I find they do bad things to the cards and you not have fat 32 as an option. Since I use MAC to know that Disk Unity will only format disks as ExFat and Apple File System (APFS).

  11. Thanks for this great video! It made me buy this little adapter and it works great! However, there's one thing I couldn't figure out, and that's how to get the games inside the CD directory to show up. Everything in the DVD folder is visible in OPL, as well as the UL games from the root directory. Maybe I should try to convert the CD games to UL format…?

  12. 3:47 I disagree… For one there HAVE been improvements to the PCB design and second, what of Helder's "improvements" have changed anything? Nothing against his product! I am thankful for sharing the MX4SIO project!

  13. i have a fmcb card that looks exactly like the one in 7:12, and managed to update OPL to v1.2.0, but i do not understand why u said u could not these pre-made cards to work with the latest OPL. could u explain more in detail what is the issue? i wish to get a mx4sio card but don't want to buy another fmcb card just to get mx4sio to work

  14. How are the speeds of the SD Card via Memory Card vs Phat HDD?

  15. how do we handle games that are 4gb and larger on micro sd cards? I heard the mc2sio has issues with these larger files.

  16. Thanks for the simple to understand videos ,I have the hdd set up but it's nothing but headaches so I may go down this route

  17. If it doesn't work with the scph-90000 production, it not surprise me. Because this model have many troubles. For exemple, with the wobble groove for PS1 games compatibility.

  18. Glad I got my PS2 memory card from my ex. It has a Mini USB port on the side and it's made sideloading FreeMCBoot so much easier! I saw some MC2ISO cards for sale and they even have cases in pink to match my pink PS2!

  19. So i dont have the primary opl for boot folder and the download link provided in the description doesn't work.

  20. Does the SD card need to be in fat32 format?

  21. I ordered the Free MCBoot memory card and the MC2SIO adapter from the site in the description. In every case, all of my ISOs are either running very sluggish, or not at all. I even tried to run Tekken Tag like in the video, but it's running like the USB example. For anyone reading this, go the fat PS2/actual hard drive route over this if you can. The compatibility list and performance is much better.

  22. My favorite ps2 game would be Kingdom Hearts 2 or Need For Speed Most Wanted

  23. I just got one of those memory cards but no SD card yet. Fortunately my PS2 slim model is a SCPH-70012

  24. What’s the reason to setup a new version of opl? Why not just use fmcb card bought in eBay with that version of it ?

  25. PlayStation 2 games are a bit of a blur to me but there's definitely a handful of games I'd love to revisit The nostalgia Ben 10 protector of Earth some Ninja turtle game I remember playing sonic heroes vice City there's definitely a lot more titles I've played as a kid and would want to either revisit or finish but currently that's all that comes to mind this thing seems bloody awesome when I can afford it I can't wait to buy one I've been recently getting into immolation been adding some DS games onto my 3DS and trying to learn how to add game boy advance games as well it's bloody incredible wish I got into it sooner like 11 years sooner

  26. The biggest pro I see is that it means you can make us of a PS2 Slim, with this mod, without having to use Network loading

  27. though couldn't you also use a multiplayer connector that makes it so more than two people can play at once? before the age of wireless, you need basically a spliter to have more controllers. this would would potentially allow you to have more of these cards and a free memory card slot. i seem to remember you could have a total of two of these splitters and that would be 8 memory slots.

  28. Can this work with Japanese model PS2 slim ?

  29. The one I got did not recognize the sd card and it took many tries to have it recognize it. And it’s gone to a black screen twice while playing a game

  30. And here I was thinking the ps2 memory card slot was slow as shit given how long it takes any given ps2 game to access it.

  31. Resident Evil 4 And Resident Evil Code Veronica was perhaps my favorite PS2 game

  32. Damn. Got to order one of these now. I ordered a freemcboot card the other day so that I could play the games through USB, however I have seen way too many videos showing the terrible lag.

  33. I am curious to know, would it be possible to install FreeMcBoot onto a mini USB but still map it to load games from the memory card adapter?

    I feel this would give the slim PS2 a more cleaner look, and it would eliminate the need to constantly switch out the memory card slot.

    Thanks Tito!

  34. If my PS2 is already hard modded then how this will work ??

  35. Thanks for the video but is expensive for me to buy this card even with your promo tito is not working if I buy just for 20euro and the shipping is very high too. And the delivery is 1 to 3 months. Okei the card can make you play all the game but the price is to high. I buy the ps2 slim just for 30euro i dont want to have a retro console for more than 80euro if I should jailbreak
    Do you have any other idea

  36. Tito Sorry i have big problem with my mx4sio my PlayStation 2 no read Memory card when start game from opl you t help me? plz

  37. My favorite PS2 game is Resident Evil 4. 😉

  38. Hey, does anyone still have the files for the mc2sio adapter, seems that the files are deleted on the website

  39. Great video, ordered one using your code to play games on one of my PS2 slims that has a weak laser! This is great for less wear and tear on my collection.

  40. How does this compare speed wise to a Ethernet to smb share via usb travel router setup?

  41. Are all ps2 games (north American releases) working?

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