Play Scopa in 156 Seconds - Classic Italian Card Game -

Play Scopa in 156 Seconds – Classic Italian Card Game

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Would you like to learn how to play the Italian card game Scopa but don’t have a lot of time? Let me show you how to play this popular game in under 3 minutes.

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By Christopher Cannucciari

All Rights: Dynamic Range 2021


  1. Primiera is confusing. I thought 7’s and 6’s were worth most

  2. We called chkoba in tunisia and we play it with different cards

  3. Blink twice is someone is holding you hostage to read out the rules.

  4. These videos are fantastic, bought a pack of italian cards a while back and your videos have helped my mom and I learn how to play scopa and briscolla so far and we have been loving it. its been nice to get back in touch more with our culture 🇮🇹🇮🇹Thanks Chris!

  5. best played with regional italian cards like those from sardinia, napoli and sicily

  6. What I love about Scopa is that it's easy to pick up and hardest part of the game is scoring at the end of a round.

  7. Perfect thank you so much. For many years I worked at a pizza shop and one year for Christmas. I asked for a deck of these cards and then after time went past I forgot how to play and I just found the cards again so now I will be teaching my children. thank you your video was very helpful.

  8. My father and I played this all the time with regular deck of cards. We called it Casino. I recently got a deck of Italian cards and can't wait to play Scopa!

  9. The Italian flag upside down kills me everytime but great video

  10. In italy you can decide to reach 16 or 21 points to win and also there is another point counter that's called maratona: if u get The Ori/diamonds in order (at least 3) u get 3 points for the 1,2,3 of Ori and if u get more cards in order u get another point. This is normally used in Napoli

  11. 0:30 let me know the right cards deck exact name, please. The design is just amazing.

  12. It's similar to the game Casino/Cassino.

  13. it's called schobba in Tunisia and it plays the same except we have simpler scoring system, really cool game and it doesn't involve lots of prep also our cards look different

  14. I love how the game itself is fairly simple… but then the scoring is just wtf 😅

  15. Thank you! Do you happen to have a PDF of this? I know I could probably easily Google one, but I appreciate how you use different comparisons with a standard deck!

  16. To the right!!!!!!!! I have always played to the left and so has my family for forever

  17. Why do the sixes score higher than Aces when scoring Primiera?

  18. Looks more fun than Briscola. Has some play elements of Casino , as well as Xeri.

  19. We play it in Libya, we call it Shcoba, it the most popular card game here

  20. It seems that every country has a card game of this kind. Somebody in the comments mentioned American Casino, there is also a French Tablanette. In Bosnia we play a game called "Žandari" (Žandari = Jacks). It's played with 52 card deck, 4 cards are placed on the table and each player is dealt 4 cards. A game is played by picking up cards as same as in Scopa. The difference is that you don't get extra points for sweeping the table but Jacks have a power of doing that. So regardless of the nubmer of cards on the table and their number, a Jack can take them all. Jacks, Queens and Kings do not have a number value. Points are given as follows:1) One point for each club collected2) One point for more cards collected3) One point for a two of clubs ("little two")4) One point for a ten of diamonds ("big ten")

  21. I love these videos, especially now that I live it Italy – it's great that I don't need to ask people how to play. Thank you!

  22. So I was taught by a Sicilian so the differences might be down to that.

    Queen =8 jack=9 king =10. And she said that was because in ancient times sexisim was rampant and the king's man at arms (jack) was more highly esteemed than the queen.

    Also 1 point was given for most 7's.

  23. Very detailed explanation wtih examples of strategy to help a beginner learn this age old game. Nice touch having your son assist and showing the ease of play!

  24. Awesome video. Well done to explain a game well in less than 3 minutes. Love the visual comparison for someone who isn't too familiar with an Italian deck

  25. I spent almost an hour searching for rules video since it's been very long time last played it.
    Thank you so much

  26. Ms. Clara brought me here! Your grandmother was such a lovely woman. ♥️

  27. The Italy flag is backwards, Green, White, Red but good video

  28. Question – when players have exhausted the cards in their hands, and they are dealt 3 new cards each, if there are no cards on the floor are 4 more cards laid down by the dealer or does the first player to go throw a card down to the empty floor?

  29. :34 the card shown as the Re is actually il fante di denari!

  30. This card game reminds me of Casino, a French/American deck card game with the same exact goal of getting most points from the cards, except with a twist, Aces (14 value in hand, 1 on the table) are worth an extra point in calculation, having the most spades earns you 2 points (if even, it doubles for the next round or split, house rule typically), 2 of spades (15 value in hand) is considered 1 point and 10 of diamonds (16 value in hand) is also an extra, you can always also knock down an enemy's sweep which is kept track by placing the card sideways (called a house/hut/cottage) on the collection deck, which also is worth 1 point if equal amount of sweeps had been earned by the other players, most cards collected earns a point as well. You play till someone has 16+ score if I remember right and sweeps don't count after a player has earned 10+ points. A little bit more complicated than the standard Scopa, but same family as the game itself probably evolved from there. A little less math and a lot of fun to play with whole family. Used to play this card game a lot. Usually games are fast and last 2-3 rounds of the full deck, each player and table receives 4 cards per turn that's about all oh, I forgot that its very italian in how the cards are dealt in pairs, not one by one as per usual.

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