playing a new card game against a seasoned player -

playing a new card game against a seasoned player

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  1. Just for the beginning: I HAVE ACTUALLY KINDA DONE THAT THO like the “ok pretend I didn’t do that” is so accurate. I’m not saying I’m a pro at cards, but what I’m saying is I accidentally do this when I’m trying to teach someone else something in general lol.

  2. I love all your cow cards lol! One day you should make it into a real game lol

  3. Honestly, I just want a bag full of those cores… Those little blue pieces of plastic are so enticing…

  4. Ok, but did he really have to play the Cow Jumps Over the Moon card? Clovis Clovenhoof would eat Baby Punchable cow alive anyway. That's just being disrespectful.

  5. bro….did u create these cards just for this video?

  6. "What is a man?? A miserable little pile of Secrets!"

    omfg, dude, you have to make thisna real card game

  7. This is why i dont play any games i know my friends are proud theyre good at. Lol

  8. This perfect parodys and summerises Yugioh Timeing window's and when you can activate quick effects.
    Like Fairy Tail snow and the resolution of chains.

  9. So you know all the rules and I’m a piece of shit, right? Got it, cool, thanks.

  10. Before I die I need an actual playable version of this game.

  11. Accurately trying to explain priority with instant, split second, and counter cards on the stack during a magic game

  12. I'm not even joking I need a cow based card game.

  13. I had someone try to pull a "You can't concede until after the tenth turn" I just looked around and said "I'm looking for someone who cares"

  14. This is me trying to play any board/card game with my so called friends 😉

  15. Wizards of the Coast is a coward if they dont release this deck

  16. Can we just please get the cow card game made all ready!!!

  17. Too bad my card shop isn't one of those stores!

  18. This makes more sense than the card games I play 😂

  19. Always let the beginner think he’s winning but keep all your strong cards in your hand to bully them if it gets too close

  20. The year is 2059. He still has cards to play.

  21. (after like 15 complicated steps he all describes) "Is it my turn now?"

    "Haha, not even close. Now I…"

  22. Please make this card game real for me to play. I believe in you!

  23. Reminds me of my first MTG tournament. My first game was against Affinity…….

  24. Me, a baby to MTG joining a seasoned 5-6-person table of Commander.

  25. So last year at Christmas my cousin brought his girlfriend and we were trying to teach her Flux and we accidentally did the opposite of this. I don’t remember the exact course of events but three rounds in we had somehow accidentally rigged the rules so that she could never stop drawing and playing cards and we all looked at her and were like, “I think we somehow just rigged it so it’s impossible to lose”. She was totally confused how it happened but was like Ok. We were dumbstruck

  26. I'm what you might call a "real nigga" if we shared the same ancestry, otherwise you'd say I'm from "the hood." I would play the FUCK out of Holy Cow. If it ever becomes a real game, I'll turn in my hood pass and fully embrace my secret inner "blerd".


  28. i once played Magic with my brother and accidentally created a point in which I couldn't lose

  29. So when is the Cow Game hitting kickstarter? My wallet is getting really impatient.

  30. I love how every time he does something, cardgame adjacent it has cows in it

  31. Everytime I challenge someone at a game shop.

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