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Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic

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Sporting a reimagined design, Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic contains everything Trainers need to play and collect.


  1. Is there a place where I can buy just the board? Not the rest that comes with it. $400 is a lot. kinda.

  2. Waiting for the price to drop around $200 and I’m for sure buying this

  3. Such a sweet product Pokemon Center! Can you send me one to open on my Poketuber channel? 😏

  4. So … let me understand … is a $400 article, that is useless to play on official tournaments? Are you kidding me?

  5. Mannnn I hope this isn't another Magic 35 where this is 1000 dollars

  6. Props to those who know how to play . I don't lol . At least the cards look cool at home 🤣

  7. This is really cool, is the ball in place of a coin flip?

  8. Pokémon TCG feat. Kakegurui

  9. Even if this gets marked up sells for say, $400… Dont care what game came first, mtg & magic 30 will hold the L forever.

  10. Ummmmmm why did he attach DCE? Knowing damn well it takes 4 fire to use his move

  11. I would just spam Hitmonchan and Electabuzz 🤣

  12. I just want the cards, dont need the box. Looks like it will cost big money.

  13. Why are they dressed so formally to play a children's card game? lol

  14. Eu tenho o namorado mais lindo do mundo!!!! Fico toda boba e cheia de orgulho❤️❤️

  15. this is about 300 usd in Japan to be released in Fall 2023

  16. They literally just reprinted these cards for the celebrations set?

  17. It is right, that charizard can use the attack firespin with 2 fire energy and 1 double colorless energy cards instead of 4 fire energy cards?

  18. My reason to earn my bonuses this year ♥️

  19. Annual Pokemon TCG tournaments needs to include multiple formats to allow some of the older sets for play.

    Otherwise, coming out with these fancy products won't be very meaningful other than "collection purposes".

  20. Ngl I just want the play mat and the coin flip box thing with the damage counters

  21. So, the 1990s, launch, version of the TCG as one of those bespoke Monopoly sets that's mostly a conversation piece? Eh, still better then Magic 30th, at least this has fixed contents.

  22. I want to play a card with Cyclizar EX next Friday.

  23. So now we can dig up our old cards for this format?

  24. The golden star holo pattern is excellent but it's unacceptable that the Japanese cards get the holo border and the English cards don't. What an absolute disappointment.

  25. Cool except for that atrocious holo pattern

  26. Please relaunch all the old school editions, up to Neo, and let the promos that only reached Japan come out.

  27. I've been wanting to be able to play games with cards like this for a long time.

  28. Demon Tim Cook And Monster Jeff Williams says:

    I was hoping that first edition symbol on those "classic" cards, wasted

  29. yay another big 3 reprint, haven't had those in a while

  30. Why would you play Double Colorless onto Charizard?

  31. Is this product for the Elites? I never seen poor people play pokemon in a Mansion.

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