Pokémon Trading Card Game Live 🎮 [SNEAK PEEK] 👀 | Official Trailer - finalbosscardgame.com

Pokémon Trading Card Game Live 🎮 [SNEAK PEEK] 👀 | Official Trailer

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Are you ready for the fresh challenge of Pokémon Trading Card Game Live?

We’re giving you a preview of some of the customization, features, gameplay, and more that you can find on this new app! Which feature are you most excited about, Trainers?

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  2. Question I won't see this but I haven't played Pokemon TCG since 2010 because my ipad broke and I never had a laptop. How many Pokemon cards , energy cards and trainer cards should I put in a deck

  3. Hey pokemon
    Please don't replace ptcgo with ptcgo live. Lauch it but don't replace it with ptcgo.
    Please ptcgo is my childhood game.
    It will be appreciated

  4. Why does the Pokémon company not spend money on textures and proper character models, it is extremely sad that it’s 2022 and we are still getting outdated stuff for the largest franchise in the world

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  6. This is cool but what’s up with the cheesy avatars?

  7. MBRUH-how are you going to have a TRADING card game WITHOUT THE TRADING????

  8. 우리나라 왜 안나와 아니 언제나와 ㅜㅜ

  9. Jfc what's with the avatars? Just do something that fits the actual style instead of weird 3d ones.

    They sure as heck look better than the other version, don't get me wrong. The other ones remind me of doing computer work training

  10. Blehh. I will most likely use the original

  11. for the asia region, it must always be locked😒

  12. they might as well NFT this game for trading elements…. and the avatars are meh! >.<

  13. No trades seriously??? Why it's one of the best features in the game

  14. TCG Live is an abomination. Looks like a college programmer made it at the last minute after an all nighter drinking Rockstar energy drink. Y'all are the largest multi-media franchise in the world, BE BETTER.

  15. Original was infinitely better, thanks for ruining the only card game I liked 🤡

  16. So much wrong with this game. Sometimes change is bad. I've been playing it for weeks. Not a fan really.

  17. Pokemon TCG Live is so TRASH in it's current form

  18. will I keep the cards I have in PTCGO or will I start fresh with no cards and was all my hard work for nothing?

  19. Please be available on switch. Im sure it will be massive and you get more sales from cards and items! COME ON!!!

  20. Did I just lose thousands of dollars worth of code cards

  21. This game now is the worst. Ptcg Online was the best. They better update PTCGO than making this sh*t. Trading Cards was Fun. Now on ptcg Live we can not trade to other players anymore.

  22. They better not remove some of the cards because I have like 4000 cards in online and if even 1 of those cards are removed I will be furious

  23. The avatars would be much better if it was celshaded or something

  24. I could without the scooby doo cg characters but ohhh crap this is amazing!

  25. is this the same thing as Pokémon TCG online

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  27. Pokemon "Trading" Card Game. Pokemon, I am beyond disappointed in your lack of consumer friendly features. You got rid of card trading just so you could drain more money from our pockets.

  28. So like…..when is this coming to the app store? I don't see it.

  29. welcome to year 2010 pokemon compnay…you realized there are actually a smart phones people can play on huh?

  30. wow a year after and the game is still broken and unplayable on most devices, what an legendry failure this company is with so outdated graphics, technology and functionality…

  31. So in Unite we play with Pokemon and have a Pokemon Trainer as avatar. Here we play with cards and have a Facebook Avatar as avatar.

  32. I'm gonna go "all nuts" if it's gonna be available to be played only in "tablets".

  33. Can you please just release this game in the US already!? I’ve been waiting for a year already!

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