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Poker Face

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Poker Face. Poker is not for the faint of heart. Watch as these masters play for $1,000,000 and how they handle the stress

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Poker Face- Studio C


  1. Like the wind? What does that even mean?

  2. “AAAAHHHH” “AAAAHHHH” “sandwiches” “AAAAHHHH”

  3. I quote “Like the wind!” on a daily basis

  4. Honestly Matt, is like me when the gym teacher makes a new game


  6. Celestia ludenburg would’ve won by the one minute mark

  7. I don't care what anyone says, if the man can stay in the championship with just UNO cards, he is the champion

  8. 4:00 Dealer shows Mal's winning hand as QQQKK, but she'll actually have all three kings from the table and use only the Q from her hand as that's the better final poker hand, so KKKQQ.

  9. "Keep… it together, J-Jeremy. Make your mustache proud."
    Love that quote.
    "Mm, sandwiches."
    Best quote

  10. I've watched about 5 different fandom variations of this skit lol

  11. "I have a 2 and a 7, that's not good"

    Jeremy is correct, that is in fact the worst possible hand you could get in poker assuming they're different suits

  12. lol I have that exact same shirt as matt

  13. I was watching this in the kitchen and my asked why I was watching people playing poker and I said that it was a Studio C sketch. She knows what Studio C is and she didn't know this existed. I have great memories watching Studio C.

  14. well, if this was an actual poker round, they would have all split the money in the end. Yes, even Matt with his Uno cards

  15. I would literally act like Matt if I was there.

  16. This is what goes on in my head when I talk to my crush

  17. Ah yes, another thrilling game of Viking Secret Wildcard Poker

  18. I don't know how to play poker but how the heck did he get them Uno Cards in his play hands.

  19. I’ve been using the monkey kidney reference for years and nobody ever gets it

  20. “I’ll break your knees like the wind”-Mallory

  21. Jermery’s last words: All in
    Jermery’s last thoughts: WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!

  22. I refuse to believe anyone actually knows how to play the game. Everyone who says that they can are lying.

  23. Both the old and new Studio C believes that loud=funny. Just a thought

  24. “We’re Getting Word From The Dealer Here… Yes Jeremy Is In Fact Dead.”

  25. The dealer gave Mallory the wrong hand lol she had pocket queens but there was three kings on the board so it would kings full of queens not queens full of kings. Turns out apparently not just the guy in green didn’t know how to play poker 😂

  26. What does Call even mean…? Comedic genius!


  28. Matt playing poker is almost exactly how I play life

  29. I remember watching this when this shortly after it came out and it still makes me laugh

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