Poker Offline Card Games: Big 2, Big Deuce, Pusoy Dos, Capsa Banting -

Poker Offline Card Games: Big 2, Big Deuce, Pusoy Dos, Capsa Banting

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Big 2 game is a card game of Cantonese origin, one of the most popular poker/ card games in East Asia and in Southeast Asia and in the world, especially throughout China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines. Big 2 games is also known as Poker Two, Dai Di, Pusoy Dos, Chikicha, Sikitcha, Capsa Banting, Thirteeen, Big2, BigTwo, Big Deuce and Top Dog.
To meet your free entertainment needs about this game, Greenleaf Game would like to introduce a poker offline game that completely brings high entertainment value with an eye-catching, easy-to-understand interface, beautiful graphics and quality gameplay, that is the card game Big 2 Offline (or Capsa Banting Offline, or Pusoy Dos Offline).
You can relax and entertain yourself with Greenleaf Game’s Big 2 Offline, a card game free offline.

🔹 Play Big 2 Offline for free
🔹 No internet required, play anywhere anytime
🔹 Professional gameplay interface, beautiful graphics
🔹 3 types of tables:
✔️ Table for 2 people
✔️ Table for 4 people
✔️ Jackpot table

Greenleaf Game Big 2 Offline gives you:
💪 PLAY ANYWHERE – as long as you have a mobile phone in your hand
💪 Challenge with AI

👉👉👉 DOWNLOAD and PLAY Greenleaf Game Big 2 Offline now!👈👈👈

The main purposes of Greenleaf Game Big 2 Offline is creating a fun simulated game for Big 2 lovers and help you to improve your card game skills.
There is no money transaction or redemption in this game.

Contact Greenleaf Game: To report any issues or feedback, please contact us, we are willing to hear from every player.
Email: [email protected]

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