Post Malone Plays Magic The Gathering l Game Knights #45 l Commander Gameplay EDH -

Post Malone Plays Magic The Gathering l Game Knights #45 l Commander Gameplay EDH

The Command Zone
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Show Notes:

Posty’s getting knighted! Singer-songwriter Post Malone joins Josh, Jimmy, and Ashlen for a crazy, unpredictable, and epic Magic: The Gathering Commander game featuring the new cards from Modern Horizons 2.

It’s Merieke Ri Barit vs Xantcha vs Garth One-Eye vs Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar

Who will emerge victorious? ONLY ONE MAY STAND!


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Where to find our guests online:

Post Malone:

Twitter: @PostMalone
Instagram: @postmalone

Ashlen Rose:
Twitter: @AshlenRose
Instagram: @RawrItsAshlen
Twitch: ​


Deck lists:

Posty’s Merieke:

JLK’s Garth:

Ashlen’s Xantcha:

Jimmy’s Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar:



Director: Josh Lee Kwai
Post Production Supervisor: Jake Boss
Editors: Josh Murphy, Manson Leung and Jake Boss
VFX, Animations and GFX: Sam Waldow
Assistant VFX: Patrick Nan
Director of Photography: Jake Boss
Sound Mix: Jake Boss
Writers: Jordan Pridgen and Dan Sheehan
Behind-the-Scenes Footage: Jon Salmon
Theme Music: Post Malone
Main Title Sequence: Doublewide ()
Additional GFX: Grant Aldrich and Geoffrey Palmer
Set Design: Bonnie Vacevich

Yawgmoth (voice): Craig Blanchette
Garth (voice): Manson Leung
Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar / Xantcha / Garna (voice): Ladee Danger
Merieke Ri Berit / Rise of the Dark Realms (voice): Ashlen Rose


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Commander/EDH Official Rules, Banlist, FAQ, and more:


  1. That horsemanship card is hillarious. Love it!

  2. It so cool to find out Post Malone plays Mtg.

  3. wow, I've never seen such a great video of four people playing paper magic. So much love is put into the editing making this so much easier to watch. I don't have to pause and look up a card everytime I don't recognize something.

  4. interesting. I see you went with low IQ as a sub-theme for guests this time around.

  5. Never heard of Post Malone before this, but it certainly was an enjoyable game to watch. 😀

  6. I love the Naruto god tree in the background of mister one eye 😂😂😂😂

  7. So I don't play MtG – but this….. this was a ride 😛

    I'm gonna have a closer look at commander

  8. I thought you can only produce Mana of the colors of your commander? Wasn't post making green illegal?

  9. I can't stand when people drop the card they're casting before they tap the Mana. It's literally the worst.

  10. I love utility decks like what Post Malone played. He was able to maintain presence and strength on the board because he played to what his opponents were doing as much as he was to his own strategy. I loved Jacob's Ludevich and Ikra Shidiqi deck for the same reason.

  11. As if I needed any confirmation that Post was a cool dude, here it is

  12. I loved seeing Post Malone when he came to Portland – what a performance!

  13. At Minute 52: how can the commander of Josh be exiled if it has hexproof

  14. Even thou the 4th player is dead doesn't mean his graveyard is gone, think about it shouldn't Jimmy's have graveyard also have come back I mean it makes sense because death doesn't remove his graveyard his still part of the game just dead. It would seem to me that this would be the case I unless there is a rule that is place which as I know shouldn't be unless was changed at the point that I stopped playing.

  15. this is the single most awesome reacon commercial i have ever seen!!!! for that alone this whole video more than deserves that like!!!!

  16. That play by Post Malone with “horsemanship” was genuinely incredible. A card that, from what I can tell, literally no one would use in any normal circumstance… becomes the ultimate clutch to survive Jimmy’s next turn. I tip my hat to you Post 🎩

  17. This is how my buddies and I used to play. No commanders tho. Just everyone vs everyone till the last one standing. Some games did come down to no library left tho. It was a blast. Haven't played since the onslaught series, but just bought some new stuff and looking to getting back into it playing.

  18. Jimmy really didn't do anything with that recursion engine besides give Post a bunch of cards

  19. Not the video to watch when you are just learning about this game and figuring out terminology…

  20. I love the Monty Python reference in Jimmy’s death scene

  21. Haha the funny thing is jimmy is saying his commanders name wrkng

  22. Hmmm the ever popular face tattoo……..glad the music career worked out otherwise ur choices were Hot Topic, tattoo artist or drug dealer.

  23. 54:44 Jimmy looking very intensely into Post's hand? (probably just at his field but still funny).

  24. So here is what I'm confused about. Anger requires the owner of the graveyard to control a mountain. Which Josh does not when Anger goes into the graveyard. He does have access to red mana, but that's not the same as controlling a mountain? Do non-basic lands also count as basic lands for the corresponding mana they can produce? If so I was unaware of that.

  25. Prof throwing out the deck box story had me dying xD

  26. Me be like “I will get a 1/1 white soldiers token”
    Post be like “Name?”
    Be be like “Simon”

  27. wait i'm confused. doesn't Josh' commader say that the chosen card name can't be one listed in the card but then he still chooses black lotus.

  28. quick question sorry its a newbie one. Is merikit considered a legendary creature to be a commander?

  29. Kudos to the team for Terminating Yawgmoth to the beat of Terminator! Haha!

  30. I wouldn't ever play this Esper Sentinel just because you have to annoy your opponents every turn.. lol

  31. After re-watching this does anyone else wanna watch a episode of extra turns or even game knights with Xolo, Post, Jacob, and Cassius

  32. Ngl even if posty held back that bloodline keeper would’ve been annoying

  33. Can someone give me an estimation of how expensive Post’s deck would be? Cause it feels like every card he played were huge cards that always flip the game😂

  34. Posty: and that’s it for hot daddy
    Jimmy: ok thank you daddy
    Me: ………. Wat

  35. The way Post Malone has his tapped cards is on point ☝️

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