Post Malone throws down in Neon Dynasty! #shorts -

Post Malone throws down in Neon Dynasty! #shorts

The Command Zone
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Game Knights 51 – Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

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  1. How do you not go insane after 10 hours of ranked 😂

  2. Saw it awhile back, have a great day.🚌

  3. You know posty blew out lady's back after don't even play…

  4. Great ad for an awesome episode! It was what inspired me to actually play Isshin too!

  5. loved this episode so much i grabbed Tatsunari's cards, would love more posty command zone <3

  6. Posty is the most humbled mtg player ever wish i could play a game with him he seems like so much fun to be around

  7. I don't know his music, but isn't he just cute af ❤

  8. The edits are incredible!!!
    This gives one of my favourite episodes all the glory it deserves!

  9. This short felt a bit different.

  10. By far, one of my favorite episodes. Two of my favorite kamigawa commander options in this game: isshin and chishiro. Thank you GameKnights empire

  11. Oh man. Props on the edits. This is like a movie trailer to a movie I didn't know I even wanted.

  12. The best part of this episode is when Josh ruined Posty's infinite combat combo lol

  13. This is and the animation highlights how shorts should be used here, I’ve seen the episode a number of times but this makes me want to watch it again!

  14. That is one dope jacket that Jimmy Wong is wearing.

  15. Post doesn't like their mana crypt house ban

  16. I can take him, if you watching, this was a challenge

  17. He even said chishiro with the Japanese accent

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