Prison poker, avoid the card games. Always end bad -

Prison poker, avoid the card games. Always end bad

Jay Williams Let’s Live Life
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Playing cards in prison is a big thing. Fights and terrible things come with it so avoid it please.

Salute to all my real ones

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  1. People have gambling problems, and sometimes those people lose everything they got, then they try to borrow enough to get in on the next game, and still lose. How you gonna get paid from someone who lost everything in the last card game? 🤔

  2. Jay, I attended VSU in Petersburg and have family from Richmond. I'd like to meet you one day and shake your hand. You're sharing truth, common sense, and wisdom, three things often in short supply. Please stay safe and keep giving back. This 67 year old man has nothing but respect for you. There's more that I'll share if our paths ever cross.



  4. I can't believe I'm just now finding your channel and of course I'm subscribed now but how did this not pop up in my recommended??? I practically watch all the other channels just like this but no cap this one seems to be the best

  5. My favorite channel on YouTube! Keep doin your thing!

  6. “Yea I’m j” loll yu really thought yu was gonna have to bust the thing out

  7. Aye yo JAY, check this out though 🤔

    I found this dude's story very interesting lol 🧐
    This poker story video you posted not that long ago crossed my mind when I seen this…

  8. For all you haters that hit the 👎 your hate is a waist of time Jay channel still winning

  9. I enjoy watching your channel.. You're a natural

  10. You keeping people out of prison ever video
    you saveing someone from destroying they Life

  11. When playing cards I can not stand the way people slam the damn cards on the table. Make them smack it. That's what pisses me off to where I'm ready to fight or just walk away from the table to stay out of the hole!!!

  12. Worked at s@s tire for years lived on main street drive bys all the time my boy always had the extended clip but ole boy was putting in work

  13. I love how you talk to the people you were locked up with. I have someone on the feds right now. He will be home soon an we will be creating a channel. I tell him all the time about YouTube. I just don’t mention a mans name. You know how y’all are lol

  14. Mate im in nz ive been listening everyday for a few weeks now

  15. Just interacting because you deserve it

  16. Man definitely keep em coming my guy!

  17. Jay you ever considered meet and greets? Just askin man no disrespect

  18. “You sir……………..bitch of the day”, hilarious.

  19. Love the hat. Much love and respect from the great north 🙏


  21. Not gonna lie I have no idea which sport team you actually follow. I thought I had an idea but the Jay's hat threw me.

  22. 117k views = 💰💰💰 get that bag, your family has earnedit. Well deserved. Nothing fancy, just real spills 💯💯

  23. Hopefully someone will get this info in there brain and stay away from prison its really not a fun experience thanks for your videos jay, its a therapy for me, stay away from prison!!!!

  24. Keep these YouTube videos coming Jay, always interesting to hear your experiences and how you deal with them. A lot of your advice is able to be used in everyday life situations. Salute from Australia 🇦🇺🇦🇺

  25. I was in jail before playing spades. AFTER the game this guy tried to say oh yeah we were playing for hot plates (dinner meals) and I owed. I said nope if that was the case it would have been established before we played not after the game, so no it's not gonna happen. Last I heard from him about that.

  26. Gijoe looking ass!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. I made my mans poker table chips and sent them in. But they did big money like $1, $5, $10.

  28. entertained, thank you, salute, please part 2,3.

  29. Most real Kat out there hands down!! Thank you bro bro

  30. Jay I sure hope you get the teeth fixed! The Doc Pulled the wrong tooth cell mates saved me 🦷👍✌Pop's loves you Bro

  31. Much love from Canada, that red leaf looks good on you.

  32. maybe it is where i did time but there was always gambling games and games for killing time, state cookies, and pride. i never gambled with money but played all day regardless

  33. I'm glad I didn't shut u off when I first came across
    Very story oriented, and I love it, way more than any other prison shows iv watched. Love the calm cool collected way you speak. So much different from ..say after prison shows jumping in the camera waking my ass up. Anyway keep it up

  34. I was in fort Lee for cook school and it was dangerous lol but I was an marine so we was clicked up

  35. Big thank you for giving the game to some of these youngsters and people who really need to hear it.You're the real deal and I appreciate you! Salute!!

  36. Happy New Year to you and yours and all the real ones 💯 🙏

  37. 4:35 My Cellie gets this bright 🌞 idea 💡… I lol.. I knew this was go end badly… Proceed

  38. Like he farted and it got stuck in his shirt 💀💀💀💀💀

  39. This is a great channel hope everyone continues to support 💪🏻

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