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Quick & Dirty Card Games

Lisa Foiles
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  1. F@CK THAT!! old school Dungeons & Dragons! Pencil, paper, dice, and imagination! Add a few friends, (a couple of SW or LOTR quotes) and generous quantities of alcohol and you have a hell of a weekend. You youngsters just don't know (one CAN simply walk into Mordor)

  2. i did have an awkward game of CAH once where i literally won every round and a few of the people were sincere disgusted with me.

  3. This comment section sucks XD
    You deserve better!

  4. Now I wanna play Cards Against Humanity with someone who gets easily offended. I need a good laugh.

  5. If you're going to VidCon, I will play any and all of these games with you and fellow watchers. 😀

  6. It was already time for a new video YAY! (haven't seen it yet…lol). I have a question for you Lisa (hope you answer) are you into D&D or have you ever played it? If the answer is yes I would like to see a video of your experience playing it or at least you can tell me if you reply to this comment. 😀

  7. Munchkin Game 1: 30 minutes – That was fun! Let's play again!

    Munchkin Game 2: 3 hours later – Damn that took forever! Bastards kept hanging up on me!

    Yeah, love Munchkin but if the players, as you said, "know what they're doing", it may be the only game for the night.

  8. Meeting Lisa Foiles would make my life.

  9. Munchkin never again! I remember one night playing this game with 4 of my friends. We started the game about 2am. We ended up playing this game and arguing until 4:30am because no one would let each other win. It came down to bribing each other with a Big Mac from Mcdonalds to let someone win. Sadly no one took this offer and we were stuck playing this until 5am when my friend that was level 3 this whole time, passed us and won lol

  10. What games does Kevin like to fit into his busy schedule?

  11. I actually want exploding kitten
    not because i'm not a cat person, it's because i'm not a kevin person

  12. love letter is so good I love it. Also have you played town of Salem on steam ?? is very good and they are making a card game out of it. They have a kickstarter and everything.

  13. Card games that can warp your soul….I see what you did there.

    And I love it.

  14. I would recommend trying Star Realms. Wil Wheton will feature it on Tabletop Season 4, but it is a great 2 player game that has minimal setup, plays in 15-20 minutes, and can be played with up to 6 people with 2 decks

  15. And fan character named Lady Buttercup Hellscream in 3, 2, 1…

  16. Might have to make a purchase on Exploding Kittens after watching this… my partner and our friends don't have much of an attention span… Not a fan of Cards Against Humanity… I dunno, I just don't get things that are trying so hard to be hilarious.

  17. Awesome video Lisa, love your enthusiasm girl!

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