Raiders vs. Bengals Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2021 -

Raiders vs. Bengals Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2021

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  1. Carr had more turnovers than touchdowns in 2021… SMDH

  2. Still blows my mind that Carr would throw into triple coverage with the defense giving Waller such cushion! Carr had no pressure with lots of time to throw and that play hadn’t even developed yet! Ridiculous…

  3. The the ads has made this video completely unwatchable they freeze the video completely

  4. 8:30 wtf I saw this live and it’s like what that’s three steps smh

  5. Good team, but definitely gotta a few breaks. RNFL

  6. Who’s back after the raiders signed Tae ? I want to see these foos next year

  7. I love the bengals ı really do but i think that play on 3rd & Goal was a flag

  8. My first time seeing the Bengals win in the playoffs. Super Wild Card Weekend thats the best name for a week of playoffs

  9. This was better than all the other wins even the Afc championship.I am 42 never felt that way at a sporting event the emotion that was in that stadium unreal like I said 42 I was 12 last time dont remember it. Lost of disappointments a whole decade of shame 5 straight 1st round playoff losses all went away that night.Also the raiders fans that showed up were disappointed but classy as hell.

  10. So maybe it should be called the 31 or 30 year curse

  11. It's amazing how no one dares to mention the free TD and multiple PI missed calls.
    It should be noted those missed calls were the exact reason why the Bengals ever advanced to the next round over the Raiders.

  12. Luckily now the Raiders have Davante Adam’s and since they have a pretty decent team they might get in the playoffs

  13. To think that the Bengals went from not winning a playoff game in 31 years to appearing in the Super Bowl this year

  14. Carr threw it short anyways with no timeouts. Should have threw it up to Waller on the wheel

  15. 5:34 looking back at this doesn’t this look very identical to the catch

  16. Should of been first nd goal with the PI on Renfrow but refs didnt call it smh.

  17. Haters realize Taylor and Burrow are 3-1 in the big boy games. They will only get better as the years go too

  18. Clear whistle before the TD catch should’ve been a dead ball

  19. Love how Carr cries for flags ..biggest cry baby in the nfl

  20. That last play haunts me!!! It was terrible formation and Derek had enough time to wait for the rest of the play to develop but he was anxious (understandable) still proud of my team the season was a win without a ring to me. RAAAAAIIIDDDEEEERRRRSSS ✊🏾✊🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💪🏾💪🏾 Thank you for THE hardest fought situational season in NFL history 💯

  21. Last play was a terrible play call. How is Darren Waller not running an actual route into the endzone? You have Waller run a decoy route and it doesn’t even approach the endzone until after the read?? What a shame.

  22. Ending the season on a 4th and goal to tie the game isn’t the worst way to finish

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