Raiders vs. Texans | NFL Wild Card Game Highlights -

Raiders vs. Texans | NFL Wild Card Game Highlights

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The Oakland Raiders take on the Houston Texans in the 2016 NFL Wild Card round.

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  1. lol here come the chargers GL as long as no one gets hurt

  2. lost to the browns but we did that for a good pick we beat the falcons

  3. The 2017 Oakland Raiders in a one vídeo😂😂😂

  4. At least osweiler was good enough for the texans to have some playoff redemption. Because the year before they suffered an embarrassing loss against the chiefs 30-0.

  5. they need to get a veteran qb incase derek gets injured and a qb who's decent enough to look great with the raiders squad

  6. Derrick Carr would have won that game if he played

  7. Only reason Texans didn’t win is that Carr was hurt…


  9. If carr didn't get hurt, just imagine how far we would have gone. GOOD LORD

  10. And what do NFL players think they will get on their current contracts when their team goes bankrupt? I am thinking their are four kinds of spectators still going to these games. 1. They had already purchased season tickets and can't sell them. 2. They are unpatriotic Americans. 3. They agree with the protesting players because they have a run in with law enforcement officers on a regular basis, or 4. They are just racist. I think of all of those attending the games as losers! Merry Christmas!

  11. screw the Texans😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  12. Why did Oakland have to go to Houston? Weren't they 12-4 while Houston was 9-7?

  13. era African reveal plain old prize study spot

  14. 4 teams n cali 2 n texas haaha they arw trash

  15. That was actually a pretty entertaining game

  16. Raiders would of went all the way if they had Carr

  17. And then the Texans got clapped by the pats the next week.

  18. Than Texans got slaughtered on their next game lol

  19. Man screw this game, had Derek Carr not gotten hurt just before that week it could’ve been a wayyyyy different turnout, I believe he was a 3rd string QB who played smfh

  20. Kevykevsportspicks 3-0 got the pick in today's game Raiders vs Texans

  21. I wonder if the season was a fluke since the Raiders went back to their losing ways after this playoff season

  22. if they had carr this game would be way closer

  23. Crazy Gruden is now coaching this team

  24. Brock Osweiler has more playoff wins than Lamar Jackson. Let that sink in for a minute

  25. If it wasn't for Carr being out Oakland would've won this game fr

  26. I'm a Texans fan and I remember that defense 😥😥😥

  27. I can't believe the raiders we're actually in the playoffs they're not good

  28. This is like Ryan finely vs Mark Sanchez in the playoffs

  29. I remember watching that in Jan 7 in 2017

  30. Didn't they close the roof when it was snowing outside

  31. Man if derek carr was playing he coulda won the afc forsure

  32. Anytime you absolutely positively need a choke, call on the Raiders. They NEVER fail to impress! 😆😆😆

  33. I was at this game good memory as a Texans fan

  34. This has been the same defense Carr has had practically his whole career.

  35. Man i remember how sad i was after this game… To go 12-4 and lose like this…. It sucked, and we are starting to recover just now.

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