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Ranking Your Pokémon Card Collections

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i am addicted to pokemon cards and plushes
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  1. I wish I had known about this earlier, I would have loved to see your reaction to some of my cards

  2. 2:55 I saw somebody review that mask and it was kind of expensive

  3. When are you gonna do the "if I catch a Pokémon, I buy it's plushie Gen 5 edition

  4. Found your vid' by accident, and had a lot of fun watching it ^^

    Maybe I'll send you a pic of my collection, I bet you're gonna have a heart attack ! 😀

    (I rediscovered some of my oldest card, and I almost had one myself… Mario Pikachu-Luigi Pikachu were there, still sealed from my boxes… ahahah) Gonna grade the soon !

    Happy collectiong everyone 😉 ! 😀

  5. Day 21 of trying to get jack to play fnaf and react to the lore

  6. Ive watched like 99 percent of ur vids pls upload more💪💪💪

  7. I also have a friend that has a old mewtwo shadowless sign by the creator of pokemon

  8. How did you know I stole from GAMESTOP 💀(jk)

  9. Your almost to one million. Keep up the great work

    Also Pokemon fusion when

  10. Me with my 8 Pokemon cards from McDonald’s + 2 I stole that equals 9.5


    I changed my insta handle, I didn't expect to get picked LMAO.


  12. My favourite pokemon is zerraora I need that collection 😍

  13. Georgian 5 the Pokemon you catch you by please

  14. He Said i did not know my favorit card exsisted from a zeraora collecter

  15. why did he get a iced coffe from dunkin donuts what the hell dude why dunkin donuts

  16. Hey purpleclife if you beat me in a Pokémon battle I will give you a shiny 10:26

  17. "One devil fruit over the haki no mi mi" killed me

  18. sylveon is my favorite
    evee evolution too 😮

  19. Day 1 of asking purplecliffe to open dragon ball cards

  20. Day 22 of trying to get purplecliffe to play fnaf and react to the lore

  21. Day 22 of trying to get purplecliffe to play fnaf and react to the lore

  22. All the hairs on my body arose in anarchy as this man said, "these are the sylveon from evolutions"
    (PS. at least he was in the XY era since the sylveon ex is from Generations)

  23. Bro has shanks manga 😮😮😮😮😮😮

  24. How do I send to you I have the rare charizard!!

  25. Haki no mi mi, my favorite part of one piece 💀

  26. It’s funny to see a full grown man go crazy over Pokémon cards

  27. I loved you but your favourite eeveelution is Sylveon

  28. Thumbs up but not for you. Its for your Editor.

  29. Bro the Sylveon collection is favourite one totally because my favourite Pokémon

  30. Broooo!!! lol so many of those cards were fake

  31. Hey purplecliffe, guess who got a shiny buneary and named it after u

  32. Day 24 of trying to get jack to play fnaf and react to the lore

  33. thanks for supporting cliffeside ❤ we are working on 2 videos right now that are NUTS

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