Real Life Cards Games Battle ! -

Real Life Cards Games Battle !

Amazing LP神奇的老皮
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  1. 色々混じってて草❗️遊戯王、デジモン、ポケモン、大丈夫ですか?

  2. They could have pay a few gauges to then use an impact card that can't be nullified and can't be reduced. It would have ended extremely quickly. Or maybe the card game is too dead and underrated that no one even know that exists

  3. I experienced every human emotion posible watching this.

  4. This is the most blessed thing I've seen all day. 20/10

  5. And yet, they forgot one thing: Card games on motorcycles…

  6. List of the cards that used in this video :
    1. Yu- Gi-Ohhhhhh Yesss… kimo*** 😁
    2. Duel Master
    3. Magic
    4. …… (idk)
    5. …… (idk)

    Sound effect / Bgsound that is used :
    1. Yu-Gi-Oh
    2. DOTA 2–Enigma's Black Hole ability, Silencer's Global Silence
    3. Digimon

    Perhaps you can add some elements…

  7. МТГ против Ю-Ги-О?! Забавно! ;)))
    Ещё русских БЕРСЕРК ГЕРОИ сюда нужно:))

  8. people wouldve started to ask when this is come out, and think this is are legit augmented reality if theyre wearing some sophisticated looking glasses

  9. All of these cards games and Chaotic wasn't even in here. I can't say that was unexpected but it would've been nice to see.

  10. when she pulled out an MTG lookn ass card


  11. after the 4 of a kind, that was a POG SLAMMER right?

  12. You guys Forgot Rouze Card, and Decade Buckler

  13. Yo! Did my man throw down a POG and the end!?

  14. "How many references would you like to be added in todays video?"


  15. The lie as a kid I definitely mixed up all of my Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards with my digimon card and did something similar. Shoot I even had some DBZ cards in there.

  16. Imagine if there was a way you could play ALL TCGs at once

  17. I feel… like someone just injected the most expensive brand x cocainum in the galaxy directly into my spinal chord…

  18. Chale, uno que intenta madurar y ellos que salen con estas mamadas

  19. パイルドラモンのジョグレス進化シーン👍

  20. Dont think I fully read the rule book on this one.

  21. Skip 1 year and yu gi oh has just gone to way more multiverse format

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