Reality is devoured as we play THE BLOB WHO ATE EVERYTHING! (Arkham Horror: The Card Game) -

Reality is devoured as we play THE BLOB WHO ATE EVERYTHING! (Arkham Horror: The Card Game)

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This video has everything: Justin playing 10+ assets, Travis playing jank, and Bryn getting salty.

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  1. Reality Acid is just the best encounter card in the entire game. It's so much fun

  2. I just love this scenario. The devour mechanic is really fun.

  3. Travis should have discarded 2 Cards from his opening hand or put up to 2 Events below Sefina…

    Let's go, Bryn with Mihn Thi again?! I never thought I'd see that happening!

  4. The Blob is my favourite Steve Mcqueen movie. Its so fun that they did a senario that reminds me of it. Really fun vid guys! Love your channel.

  5. If you ever want a side scenario that gives a stupid amount of xp, blob is your guy. Now that you're not going in blind, you can know that you want to run through the act deck a lot (each of those story cards is a victory by itself, and the enemy associated is another one). Plus you can earn a cute blob friend to follow you around and probably never hurt you.

  6. It was great to see synergy Zoey in action. So many items on the first turn was the dream come true.

    How would you switch things up for a replay? Strictly more combat?

  7. Travis voice in prologue sounds really like Geralt’s of Rivia

  8. Travis yelling Tristan Botley at 28:50, everything thinking it's the meme, AND THEN HE ACTUALLY PLAYS IT. I'm dying laughing.

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