Rich Eisen Ranks the NFL’s Super Wild Card Weekend Games from Best to Not-Best-But-Still-Pretty-Good -

Rich Eisen Ranks the NFL’s Super Wild Card Weekend Games from Best to Not-Best-But-Still-Pretty-Good

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Rich Eisen breaks down every NFL Wild Card Weekend game and ranks which games he’s most excited for among Patriots vs Bills, Steelers vs Chiefs, Bengals vs Raiders, Rams vs Cardinals, 49ers vs Cowboys, and Buccaneers vs Eagles.

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  1. I am so happy it is still suuper Wild Card weekend😊

  2. Don't care about niners or cowboys, but my 2 cents feels niners will win

  3. Pats over Bills 20-17
    Chiefs over Steelers 27-23
    Bengals over Raiders 30-23
    Rams over Cardinals 33-26
    Bucs over Eagles 31-17
    Cowboys over 49ers 28-21

  4. Hell will freeze over before Pittsburg wins that game lol

  5. You don’t need to repeat “they are the team” 10 times. It makes it seem like commas are foreign to you.

  6. "But what if" sounds better when you say "Any Given Sunday" haha

  7. Raiders were asked to play Sunday night and then play Saturday so….

  8. The three words of the NFL are "Get the money!"

  9. Question:

    Which NFC team that GB could meet in the divisional do they least want to face?

  10. Bengals are a huge sleeper to get into the Super Bowl. I think they blow out the Raiders and will be crazy tough in divisional round

  11. Seriously thought those magical 3 words were going to be "any given Sunday"

  12. Indy and Miami would be in the playoffs before the Chargers if you go by the standings

  13. I’m hoping the NFC East represent in both games but especially in Dallas. Yes I want the Eagles to take the Bucs down and they can. Go Cowboys!

  14. Most excited to least excited imo:

    1) DAL vs SF
    2) CIN vs LV
    3) BUF vs NE
    4) LAR vs AZ
    5) TB vs PHI
    6) KC vs PIT

  15. Cowboys are toast . But I’d rather have GB play them than the 49ers

  16. Dak is a absolute beast and is the most overlooked qb in the entire league. It is very much a challenge to play the most important position in world sports in a Dallas uniform. And i believe he gets very little love for being great in that scenario. So, id like to see him get the job done in the playoffs.
    btw, im a Chargers fan and dont care at all about the cowboys!

  17. Not sure GB wins a game tbh. Niners could beat them in GB…AGAIN.

  18. I'm going to predict MSU will continue to beat UM in the future just to piss UM lackey Eisen off…

  19. If I remember correctly Rich was calling for Ben to be benched early in the season. I expect the Steelers to pull a huge upset.

  20. I love rich lol honestly one of my favorite humans ever

  21. What song is that when he talks about cowboys vs 49ers

  22. Raiders/Bongals game and the 49s/cowboys game are the best ones this weekend

  23. Richie missed the point re Steelbangers: excitement only for their fans.

  24. I dont want to make a channel, I just want to comment says:

    Homage or rip off? SUPER wild card weekend was Pat's thing. (I know that's what its called but that's exactly the way Pat says it.)

  25. Bengals Raiders is actually the one I'm looking forward to most and 49ers Cowboys probably 4th or 5th.
    I think 49ers will probably win; I wouldn't be shocked if the Steelers pull the upset. Get ready to revise your list (retroactively) Rich.

  26. Lebron scoring 30, LOL, that’s equivalent to 20 in the 90s

    Love it show Rick
    Thanks bro __ stay safe

  28. Da Tale continues….😘
    This year Wild … next years Championship!
    And the Force is in Balance again! 😎

    Just wipe the „Star“ with these „Boys“ so TO can put the Ball at it‘s place 😜

  29. The Monday wild card game is one of the worst ideas in the modern era of the NFL.

  30. PREACH IT, BROCKMAN! Nobody wants to see PIT VS KC. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤮

  31. 1-Cowboys vs 49ers
    Classic rivalry. Should come down to the last possession
    2-Bills vs Patriots
    Love a good rubber match. Both road teams won in the regular season. Should be a close, psychial game
    3-Bengals vs Raiders
    This game is really intriguing. Joe Burrow and Jamar Chase vs Derrick Carr and Hunter Renfroe. Winner of this game could make a deep underdog run
    4-Rams vs Cardinals
    Awesome storylines here. 1st playoff game for Kyler and Kliff and it's McVay and Stafford's 1st playoff game together. Same as the other rubber match, got road teams won in the regular season.
    5-Buccaneers vs Eagles
    Jalen Hurts' 1st playoff game and what a challenge. I think Hurts can make some plays and keep it close for about a half. Tom Brady will be too much for Philly's secondary
    6-Chiefs vs Steelers
    Chiefs gonna decimate the Steelers. Good riddance ben

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  33. I believe the Packers are most overrated team in playoffs and they been favored for years when's last time Rodgers been to superbowl

  34. NFC west got a good chance to have 2 winners this weekend.

  35. colts should try to get Joe Burrows from the Bangles

  36. It would be funny if somehow the Buccaneers and Raiders met in the Super Bowl again.
    And since it is now Saturday night, the BILLS are killing the PATS. Like literally killing them. Won't be getting that Brady/Belichick bowl.

  37. @chrisbrockman Steelers can win this game. Look out. Im a Tampa fan but if an upset exists this weekend its Steelers over Andy Ried.

  38. I think Pittsburgh is gonna surprise everyone. They may not win but I think their gonna scare the crap outta KC by keeping it close and even leading at one point. Tampa Bay should take care of the Eagles. Once again it might be close but I think Tampa wins. The best game will be SF vs Dallas. I gotta feeling the 49ers are gonna win this one. Then Monday night I got Stafford getting his first playoff win.

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