Rich Paul Has Some Pretty Insane Gambling Stories -

Rich Paul Has Some Pretty Insane Gambling Stories

JJ Redick
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In this clip, Rich Paul talks about his craziest gambling stories and the time he played with Tom Brady, Will Smith, Alex Rodriquez and Jay-Z.

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  1. I’m sorry but what is buay the card game ? That’s how it was spelled with closed captioning

  2. That reach for the shoulder touch was odd

  3. A table I am glad I will never be at.
    Bunch of out of touch wierdos man

  4. This is a professional poker players wet dream. A group of competitive people with minimal skills, giant egos and even bigger bank accounts. Easy money. 💯

  5. Gamblers gambling in a sport where they control the gambling

  6. Didn't Micheal Jordan used to gamble with Mafia guys back in the day or something?

  7. Rich telling the story like he was in Goodfellas 😂

  8. Very disappointed this channel has stooped to spammy photos to attract clicks. Nothing in this video about Jay Z, Tom Brady, etc. I just unsubscribed from the pod and channel after years of being a fan.

  9. God give me back my 5 min. Wtf is this guy saying

  10. I guess worshiping the devil really pays, huh?

  11. There's too much gambling talk in your videos.

  12. They really need to highlight the original meaning of BET in this segment for the young viewers who just say it after anything lol

  13. Man im surprised at how rich paul is boring. Its hard to listen to him talk at his pace

  14. I know somebody that just want to shoot craps with some of these big money guys 1 time.

  15. Shameful using pod to now just plug your gambling daddies in such a direct way

  16. great to know your agent is a full on gambling addict

  17. Is this kinda narcing in a way? Not to sound like a square but mf out here just saying who he’s gambling with and these are active nba players lmao

  18. I love gambling and I’ve never been so bored listening to someone talk about it

  19. This is such stupid content. Not a table of the world's best. Love JJ tho.

  20. Captivating or not, mans definitely loves gambling

  21. As a young man who loves to gamble, I love these type of stories. Rich story telling is 🤌🏾😭

  22. Lebron didn’t fund his agency. Booray did 😂

  23. What’s the name of the card game they were talking about.

  24. Interviews may not be his strong suit but he's clearly good at his job. The numbers don't lie. Can't hate.

  25. The more I listen to this dude, the more I believe ALL of his success is because he’s Lebron’s boy 😂 sounds like a complete idiot

  26. Damn! Comment section full of haters smh

  27. Great stories about being a degenerate gambler.

  28. Rich sucks at tellin stories lol and this press run he’s been on has been extremely uneventful

  29. Rich definitely has ADHD. He can’t stick to the story.

  30. I havent watched the full pod just clips. Am i the only one that doesnt believe this guy?

  31. There are 500 active players in the nba. Nobody wants Rich Paul content.

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