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Ricochet Poker – Card Games That Don’t Suck

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  1. Great little ditty, Quentin! I have never seen this version of poker. That seems very easy to teach kids. Less to manage, and faster to play. Great video series!

  2. Anyone else having issues playing this? Won't play on my Samsung TV, or when I try to cast from my phone, but plays on phone otherwise? :/

  3. At 2'40 there might be an error because the first drawn card is 6 and ace-6 is bigger than as-4.
    Am I right?

  4. Absolutely love this idea… every new fun game doesn’t need a $60 buy.

  5. Oh there's a really good card game they play throughout South East Asia called "Big Two". Show that one (you can play it all day everyday)

  6. Completely too random, there really is not any skill involved. If you rolled dice to see who rolled the highest you would have the same level of decision making.

  7. 2:39 You know Quinns' 6 beats Matt's 4, so you're winning with the first card that comes out. In poker, when you have identical high cards/pairs, the next highest card comes into play, which means Quinns didn't lose that first hand then. checks rules and this is the same according to the rules of ricochet poker.

    What I want to know though, how do things work if you draw two cards, and they are all the same suit or in a row or both? Can you keep going for the unlikely flush/straight/straight flush?

  8. Hey. Check out Speed/Racing Demons as a great card game.

  9. My vote for "favourite game played with a standard deck of cards" is Cabo – it involves memory, hidden information, player interaction, pushing your luck, and is overall just a very good time. Plays from 2 up to maybe 4 or 5:

    Note it's not actually a folk game and is sold as a packaged game (maybe out of print), but the only real benefit is that the special cards are marked as such.

  10. Looking forward to the next video in this series!

  11. Tunk is a very old game but it doesn't suck and can be played with coins or poker chips.

  12. At 2:23 I think you've accidentally decided which hand is higher, but not according to the rules you linked to. Suits don't come into play here because of the 4, which is a "kicker".

    From the rules you linked to:
    "Breaking Ties: When deciding whose hand is best, a hand with a kicker beats the same hand without a kicker (so for example an Ace-8 is higher than Ace alone), and suit is used to break ties between identical hands. (This changes at the end, when identical winning hands split the pot.)"

    So, in this case the Ace+4 beats the lone Ace because the two aces actually tie and the 4 "kicker" makes its hand win (same result as you but for different reasons).
    If the two hands were both Ace+4 then suits would come into play to determine the winner and the higher suited Ace would win the hand.
    Another example: Ace+4 vs Ace+5, the latter would win the 5 kicker beats the 4 kicker, and suits would not come into play.
    Another example: 5+5+3 (pair of 5s + 3) vs 5+5+4 (pair of 5s + 4), the latter would win due to the 4 kicker.
    Another example: 5+5+5 (three 5s) vs 5+5+6 (pair of 5s + 6), the former would win because three-of-a-kind beats a pair, and the 6 kicker doesn't come into play (note: requires two decks or wildcards).

  13. Are ya'll taking suggestions for Card Games That Don't Suck? Check out German Whist. It's a two player trick-taking game which is easy to learn and affords some meaty analysis.

  14. Simple and brilliant card game, James Ernest at his best.

  15. Is this an every-14-days series, or once every second week non specific series?

  16. Love this segment! Please do more of these!! ❤️❤️

  17. Ace of Spades > Hearts for love > Diamonds for money > Clubs for violence
    Had the same memory trick as Quinns, but simpler 🙂
    I'm not native english so alphabetical doesn't work, would need to think twice.

  18. Love this series guys I hope you do a whole bunch of them.

  19. One of the best card games we play usually with my friends is Oh Hell! That game has so much depth, but is indeed very easy to learn, highly suggest it to anyone who would like to have a card game which is good for 2 – x number of players.

  20. Brilliant idea for a series, cheers guys.

  21. In Hungary we have a lot of cool card games that you can play for years, and you only need regular playing cards(but played with the Hungarian playing cards here) , for example snapszer/66(especially the 4 player varient) and ulti

  22. I prefer the 7 card variant, where you start with 2 cards and can go to 7. Then choosing best 5, just like in hold'em or 7 stud.

  23. This is quite possibly the most exciting game I've ever played!

  24. If we can suggest games…I recommend President or Sh!thead or any of the zillion names for it…also I recommend a game (well I cannot recall the title but its a South American card game) Heres the rules from memory. Each player is dealt 4 cards and the object of the game is to have 4 unique cards (not matching in value or suit) that are the lowest, you swap out like poker …quick simple

  25. I love this series!
    I personally love playing with an ordinary deck of cards. I do actually always have a mini card deck in my purse.
    I find that there are so many really good games you can play with it. Thanks for sharing them!
    My favourite cardgame is Durak, you should really try.
    I guess cardgames are somehow a low-budget-alternative to boardgames 🙂

  26. Why in the first example, was A 10 not higher than A 4 ?

  27. Dude! A8 beats A4. The suits would only be necessary if it were identical hands, i.e. A8 vs A8 for instance. Poker 101

  28. As a poker player, I'd say this falls squarely in the category of Card Games That Do, In Fact, Suck

  29. How did the guy beat the other person's Ace in the first game? They both had aces and the other cards were higher than the guys 4

  30. maybe make a series about "Weird obscure variations of card games our patrons and readers taught us"

    bc I 'd love to have Doppelkopf and Skat(no, not that one) here.
    and I am sure there will be other regional variations of games similarly entrenched as Doppelkopf worldwide, right?

  31. As a poker player of 40 years and casino poker floorman for 10, let me state unequivocally that in ALL forms of poker, ALL FIVE CARDS play, including kickers and high cards, and high card hands are ranked by each of the five in order, so your ace only needed to buy one card, your A-8 was higher than his A-4, and the game should have continued from there.

    In traditional forms of poker, suits are never used to break ties except for some special cases like which single upcard is lowest for a bring-in bet, or who gets the odd chip in a split pot. I can see why in this game you might have to do that more often for partial hands. For example, 6-5-2 vs 6-5-2, the tie is broken by the suit of the 6. I personally would play that once the hands are complete 5-card poker hands, suits no longer play and equal hands split the pot, but if you want to extend the suit-breaks-ties rule to complete 5-card hands,, you could: say, 5-5-2-2-J vs 5-5-2-2-J would be decided by the suit of the J, not the pairs. Identical straights would be settled by the suit if the high card, flushes ranked as normal except when identical (i.e., A-Q-9-7-3 of clubs defeats A-Q-9-6-5 of hearts, but loses to A-Q-9-7-3 of hearts).

    As an additional bit of pedantry, I am also among those who wouldn't call this a poker game. What makes a game poker is the betting method: thus Badugi, which doesn't use poker hands at all, is still poker. But games like no-peek and this one aren't really poker even though they are cool games to add to poker night.

  32. That is a terrible way to remember the suits values in poker… And I will now remember that till the day I die. Brilliant!

  33. You didn't apply the "high card" poker rule for breaking ties. An AH plus 8C beats an AC alone or an AC plus a 4D because an 8 high card beats a 4. So, you only need suits to break ties when the other cards in two competing hands are the same.
    James Ernest's original video explains the high card rule: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsF1cnPe-rw

  34. Show off how to play Nerts! It's fun for groups

  35. 5 seconds in I was already fucking bored.

  36. Now with dice games that don't suck PLEASE!

  37. I'm sure when you both had aces, the hand without the 4 had to go because it didn't have a kicker to beat the 4, not because of the suit of the ace? I think the suit of the card only matters if your hands are exactly the same.

  38. The reason for the ordering of houses or suits is that they symbolize classes. Clubs are the peasantry, then comes the merchants with diamond, then the church with hearts before finally the nobility including royalty which is spades.

  39. Hey can you do a Video about Bridge 😉

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