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Riffle Fan by @CardistryTouch #cardistry #magic

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  1. Not everyone can do that actually your hands that can do every single trick magically perfect

  2. I want to meet you I love your voice and work I am from Pakistan love you❤

  3. I have been practicing this for years and still can't get it

  4. imagine her having those obnoxeuse fake nails

  5. I like all of your videos Happy Holidays 😊😊😊

  6. That slow mo sounded like just before I have to change my diaper.

  7. You’re so natural. Thank you🙏🏼🙏🏼

  8. This is pretty, but what the hell am I supposed to use it for? 😂

  9. After practicing this for hours my curled index finger is just causing the cards to stay completely still, as they riffle they have no spin whatsoever

  10. Please reply i want to meet u in whatsapp mam please teach me that magics

  11. I’m gonna be picking up a lot of cards learning this one. 🤣

  12. I think that this tutorial needs a tutorial

  13. I’m gonna try this with my toilet paper before wiping 🧻

  14. Wow,I'm Really Impressed,Hats Off to you,young lady!!!

  15. I
    I can’t do this I’ve been practicing for 2 years and I still can’t do it

  16. Yes another move to learn another 52 pick up

  17. Youtube sending to some random video….now i need a deck of cards. Btw does this work with uno card lol?!

  18. Step 1 : buy good hard cards that dont stick

  19. nungguin hebatnya dmn, sampai akhir, eh ngga ada..😂

  20. Please your cards give l will subscribe you

  21. This is very impressive. Going to try to learn this. Thank you for showing us!

  22. Thank you for your bravery. It is great to see classy magicians.

  23. Yes that's better! slow mo giving better view

  24. I can only do half, I try the full fan, it's so hars ><

  25. Now I have to buy myself a deck of cards

  26. I can make you pick the same card 5 times in a row, I can tell you what card you're thinking of without touching the deck, I can make cards change color, vanish, jump out the deck…..almost any trick you have seen, I can preform

    I have never been able to fsn cards properly, its really annoying and a necessity if you're wanting to do tricks from Berglas's book

  27. Been wanting to learn this for a long time and finally get to see a how to that I can follow and understand. Thanks for that.

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